American War Machine Drones On and On

Bug splat. Have you heard this term before? Bug splat.

It doesn’t have to do with driving on the highway in the summer. Nor does it refer to some quaint touchscreen app, although those involved do use what amounts to a glorified computer game.

No, bug splat is nothing less than the military slang for any human assassinated by drone strikes. Talk about dehumanizing one’s enemies. In the sociopathic minds of those who rely on long distance murder, their victims aren’t even people – they are insects.

Were Americans to do this to other Americans, it would be entirely illegal. But because these people reside in a foreign nation, somehow the pretense of war gives them all the legitimization required.

For how much longer? That depends. How long until the world’s citizens awaken to see that we are really just one people sharing one planet? In my mind, this day is fast arriving, and could be upon us within the decade.

And as that happens, remote controlled death panels like these will no longer be tolerated.

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