Obama’s DoubleSpeak Redefines Term Militant

Are you male? Aged 13-60? Living in the Middle East or North Africa? If you answered yes to all three questions, then congratulations, you are now officially a militant in the eyes of the United States of America!

‘But I haven’t done anything!’ you may cry, but to no avail. The instant you get blown up by an American drone strike, you immediately become known as a militant, regardless of who you actually are.

This is all part of President Obama’s strategy to downplay civilian casualties. By considering ‘all military-age males in a strike zone as combatants‘, it makes the number of murdered innocents seem far lower, and somehow makes the war more palatable to the public.

Forget due process, facts, or your own personal story. If the American government cared about any of that they’d never have begun using remote controlled assassins, let alone allowed drone use to escalate to daunting new heights.

If this keeps up, anyone who gets obliterated by American bombs – men, women, and children alike – will be considered enemies of the state. Their crime? Being dead innocent human beings, which is damaging to the image of the war. Ergo, they are threats to the US, and therefore deserving of the bombings they had just received.

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