World Peace is Coming – 2018 Update


So here we are, 2 years away from 2020… the year that I predicted humankind would finally came together to end institutionally organized armed conflict. I still haven’t been swayed from my original suspicion – that we are on the verge of an unprecedented global revolution that will bring with it incredible results, including the end of extreme poverty and the formation of what I consider to be world peace.

But how can we hope to achieve world peace in just 2 years?

It won’t be easy, especially as the Military Industrial Complex seems to have as much of a stranglehold around the world’s economy and mainstream media as it ever has.

And with the surveillance state’s tentacles creeping into every device, into every household on earth, gathering up every single person’s outward thoughts, it’s like there’s an ever present force of oppression waiting to detect impending uprisings and quash them before they ever come to fruition.

So what we need is a revolution that happens with such efficacy and fervor that the old establishment isn’t able to prevent it from happening. A revolution fueled by our ever-advancing technology, some of which already exists, some of which is just around the corner.

Take for example Dapps – decentralized applications – which can run on the ethereum blockchain. These dapps are entirely transparent, incorruptible, and open source. With these we are building a system of governance, one that relies on a fundamentally robust and trustworthy set of rules, one that will allow humankind to continually improve it’s own democratic system.

As well, machine learning and AI are now a reality. We are building the intelligence to help us navigate a sea of billions of voices, able to truly garner the will of the world’s people. And then it’s just a matter of ensuring the decisions made by our elected leaders coincides with the interests of the people.

Now consider Project Fanchise – the new endeavor that lets fans buy-in to a crowd-controlled professional sports team. These backers get to make managerial decisions for the team, and even call the shots play by play. This model disrupts the old system where only the ultra rich can own a sports team.

Imagine, if instead of a sports team, we had a political party that ran on a similar system. A party where the crowd decides the actions of the party. Where every aspect – it’s platform, it’s day to day decisions, all the leaders and officials, and even the rules on which the entire party adheres to – all gets moderated by the people who back the party.

These new political parties could run side by side against current incumbents, but promising a new form of leadership – one that is fully accountable to the people and transparent in all operations. A government beholden to everyone, not just to the corrupting influence of money and power like we have today.

Can all of these new creations and technologies culminate in world peace within the next two years? Sure, all it would take is for the right spark to ignite a global revolution, one that crosses nations, borders, languages and culture barriers the likes of which has never been seen before. No biggie.

World peace by 2020. Let’s make it happen, people.


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