From World Pandemic to World Peace

It has been really uplifting to see humankind coming together as we never have before. Good job, people! Keep it up!

If there is anything to take away from this global event, it’s just how minor this pandemic will turn out to be in the bigger scale of things.

Now, I’m not trying to downplay the severity of this outbreak. It has already been devastating and millions more could potentially die. Workers on the frontline of this disease will likely bear life-long effects.

But there are so many worse things that can happen. We could be wiped out entirely by any one of the horrible things that have threatened us for eons – things like asteroids or super-volcanos. And now there’s all the new ways that we are coming up with to annihilate ourselves – things like gene editing, robotics, AI, and nanotech.

Again, don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to say we should be glad or grateful for Covid-19. Rather, my point is that this is just a wake-up call. There is some far crazier shit coming down the pipeline, some of which we can barely comprehend.

Let’s keep working together as we have been to survive this crisis. Afterwards, we can use the momentum to do something even greater – we could create a tech-enabled open-source global democracy, redistribute the world’s power and wealth, and even dismantle the world’s military industrial complex.

Our best chance, our highest odds of survival, comes from uniting as a species to overcome whatever stands in our way.

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One Response to “From World Pandemic to World Peace”

  1. Owen Carver says:

    I think our best chance to survive is a global vote that transcends governments, corporations, and mainstream media information allowing humanity to learn for the first time that the agenda of 98% of our species has nothing to do with war and economic chess matches but instead everything to do with human rights, education, Healthcare, clean environment, sustainable sourcing of materials, circular waste streams, security that comes from real peace and non-violentresolutions, the end of all militarization funding (and profiteering) and the access to basic resources and dignity as a human right. I believe the best way to initiate this is to make the voting system based on a crytocurrency which is used not just as a contractual voting ledger, but also as a currency of value which would incentivize the viral spread of the adoption of the currency itself. A type of mining would be incentives as an expansion of the network not just as hardware & software GPUs but also as human to human contact. This can be adapted to prevent a single government official from becoming a super referrer, but rather there could be a limit to how many referral signals any one individual can have, and the process to sign someone up might also be of the nature that it’s impossible to sign up thousands of people in a single day by one person. There would be a voting system, a social media kind of platform developed involving up-voting like reddit, but collaborative article building like Wikipedia along with individual micro blog aggregating which I invented. I’ve already designed this platform actually and built a version of it. If you could contact me that’d be great. We have a species to save. @owencarver