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#Occupy Video Roundup

Monday, November 7th, 2011

First up is Joe Rogan’s take on the ham-handed police tactics used to suppress peaceful protesters. Bear in mind that it is Joe Rogan, meaning there is strong language:

Next, we see what happens when you give a bully free licence to brutalize people. In this case, it’s some power tripping riot officer, shooting a cameraman for absolutely no reason, other than the sick sadistic thrills the cop gets from hurting civilians:

Finally, here’s a chopper-cam view of the marches in Oakland, showing many tens of thousands of people in what was reported to be just one of three marches of similar size:

The mainstream media neglected to accurately report the size of the protest in Oakland, saying there were only several thousand participants. This error might have arose because what is happening in the Californian city is quite possibly the most frightening thing the US establishment has seen in years.

And we can’t have viewers all around the nation getting the same crazy notions, now can we?

But it doesn’t matter what the mainstream media does. People everywhere are rising up. The same revolutions that overthrew tyrants in the Arab World will continue to manifest themselves here in North America.

Pretty soon, the oligarchs who’ve stolen our political and financial systems will find themselves replaced with policies and people more favorable to the population as a whole.

Wikileaks… Good Times

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

Remember when Wikileaks released a bunch of classified documents and the establishment reeled from the threat of transparency? Man, that was sweet.  We should do that again.

Seriously, it was so exciting! One could almost feel the system changing with each step as the story unfolded. I miss those days.

What’s that? Wikileaks still has like 200,000 more classified cables to release, plus a whole backlog of dirt on some of the world’s biggest institutions? Nice! It seems more changes are on the way.

Did you also hear about the newly sprouted Wikileaks clones and mirrors? This means the struggle towards democracy and open government has never been stronger. Hooray!

Sure the fickle global spotlight seems to be moving on, but Cablegate is set to be remembered as a pivotal moment – a sign that the balance of power is shifting away from the few and into the hands of more and more people.

Here we go! More evidence to believe that a better world is sitting right upon our doorstep, and another reason to be optimistic for the future =D