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Final Tally: 128,000 Non-Combatants Dead in Iraq

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

Over 162,000 humans were killed by violence in Iraq from 2003-2011, according to NGO Iraq Body Count (IBC). IBC’s comprehensive analysis of the bloody conflict reveals close to 80% of these fatalities were innocent civilians caught in the crossfire.

What a tragedy. Every single life lost inflicted untold horror upon any loved ones left behind, and when you multiply that by 160,000,  the result is a pain too immense to fathom.

Did any good come out of this occupation/slaughter? Depends who you ask.

CEOs from any industry entrenched in the war business could likely boast significant earnings off the prolonged military campaign. No doubt countless military personnel feel an impregnable sense of pride for so bravely serving their country.

As for spreading democracy or making America more secure, well, these were just a few of the myths they sold to the public in order to justify the invasion.

With so much on the line, Americans (and the world) would be served well to reflect a little harder before making the same mistake again. Unless there is an immediate and clear threat, best leave the armies at home and try diplomacy instead.

Four Civilians for Every Enemy

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

Death tolls since the beginning of the US’s non-consensual liberation of Iraq: about 20,000 for the insurgents/defenders and 4,500 for the invaders/democratizers.

Compare that to the number of Iraqi civilians who’ve been killed in the past ten years. Estimates range from 100,000 up to 1,000,000. Even at the conservative end, that’s four dead good-guys for every combatant.

And the stats coming out of Iraq are not uncommon for war zones. Armed conflict always hits the civilian population the hardest.

What this means for you war-hungry young men and women out there is: if you decide to enlist as a soldier of war, you’d better be prepared to kill innocent people.

Now, don’t worry. It will never get put to you that way. Just the opposite, in fact. You’ll be told – and you’ll probably believe – that you’re fighting to save and protect lives.

But, for every enemy you and your comrades slay, be sure to prevent the deaths of at least five non-combatants. That way you’ll make a net positive for the, on average, four or more innocent lives you just took.


Then again, when you try to get into the math of it all, what really becomes clear is how millions of people are fighting and dying so that the super-rich can grow even richer.