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Testing the Occupation’s Resolve

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Corporations and big banks are forever expanding their influence across the financial and political spectrums. Expensive and unproductive wars have been destabilizing nations and economies around the world. More than one in six humans on earth are currently starving while a few thousand people control enough wealth to feed the world indefinitely.

There are many very serious reasons to be upset at the establishment. But try to exercise your rights to free speech and peaceful assembly, and you just might find out how militarized our own police forces have become.

Just ask activists from Richmond, Rochester, Portland, Oakland, Austin, or Denver, who’ve found themselves forcefully evicted with their property demolished. Armor clad security forces are clashing with groups of unarmed civilians because the start of humankind’s very first global insurrection is proving a nuisance for nearby residents and businesses.

But it doesn’t matter what the police do. Regardless of how many arrests and beatings and deaths our governments inflict upon us, we will not be silenced.

Instead, we will continue to channel the deserved discontent of the masses into a voice too powerful for the powers that be to ignore. And in the end, humankind’s great awakening will result in a complete overhaul to the way democracy works around the globe.