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Iceland Proves Itself Awesome, Once Again

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Channeling collective anger into political clout works! Just ask the people of Iceland.

When their economy collapsed, a big chunk of the Icelandic population had their voices heard. And what they were saying was ‘No!’ to the further debt being offered by the global bankers. (more…)

WOW! Go Pres of Ireland!

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

Check out this impassioned speech by poet and Irish President Michael D Higgins, lambasting income disparity and the continued debasing of the lower and middle classes. Unbelievable! He’s like a spokesperson for the 99%.

We need more leaders like this guy… elected officials who will stand up for the regular people who voted them into power.

Post-Capitalism Currency

Sunday, September 4th, 2011

(Surprising how little has changed in the past century.)

Over the coming few years, humankind will keep growing more and more interconnected. Eventually, we will harness our planetary solidarity, rising against today’s global system of division and exploitation, disrupting the established economic system to enact a major redistribution of wealth and power.

Once this great social movement transpires, we’ll still need a way to buy and sell things. For an idea of what a more just economy may look like, there’s a few places we can look to.

Open Money

The open money project aims to “create the global infrastructure, tools, governance mechanisms and platforms that will give communities the capacity to create their own currencies with just a few clicks and thereby liberate their wealth potential.” It’s like an open-source platform for commerce, free from the tyranny of fluctuating global markets.

The Venus Project

The Venus Project is an organization that advocates improving society by moving towards a global sustainable social design that they call a “resource-based economy”. Such a system incorporates sustainable cities and values, energy efficiency, collective farms, natural resource management and advanced automation.

A resource based economy relies on the principle of ‘post scarcity’, meaning our technology has progressed to the point of readily meeting the basic needs of every human on earth – something which is fast becoming possible.


Bitcoins are digital currency which runs on an open-source, peer-to-peer network, allowing users to exchange wealth without the need for a centralized payment processor. While these coins only exist in the virtual realm, they already hold real world value.


So what will we end up using? Maybe a combination of all three, or something entirely different. Who knows.

But one thing is reasonably certain – a world full of united and empowered individuals will never tolerate an economic system that caters solely to the fortunate few sitting atop.

America Drops an A – Now Called ‘Merica’

Saturday, August 6th, 2011

By now you’ve likely heard that the United States’ credit rating has been downgraded from AAA to AA over concerns about the budget deficit and rising debt burden.

While the global economic repercussions could be dreadful – the TSX has already been dealt a blow – at least this crisis might take some steam out of America’s war machine.

Seriously. With all the recent talks over debt reduction, to think that the war budget was barely scratched is beyond ludicrous.

Don’t Americans know their military is waging clandestine wars in 120 countries? Haven’t they heard that imperialistic empires inevitably collapse when they spread themselves too thin? Don’t they care that their nation spends more building the tools of war than the rest of the world combined?

Of course they do! America’s military industrial complex ran amok years ago with no signs of slowing down… this is obvious to anyone who cares to look.

But the time for simple bemoaning has passed. What is needed now is an intervention. The War Machine needs to be stopped, and it’s up to the American public to rise up to thwart their junky Defense Industry.

Come on, people from the USA. Rise up! Take to the streets. End this nonsense, once and for all! Do it for the world. Do it for yourselves.

Robert Reich Rocks

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Robert Reich, political economist and Secretary of Labor for the Clinton administration, enlightens us with two concise and compelling videos.

In the first, Reich describes the intricate collusion between the government and the defense industry, and how taxpayer money is being used by the war industry to secure even larger government contracts:

And for this video, Reich analyzes in detail how the super-rich have been running away with the economy, and in turn, the political system:

Two well-delivered and professionally produced clips, giving myself (along with many other film-makers) something to aspire to.