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Castro Wins Prize for World Peace

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

(Smoke all you want. In Cuba, the healthcare is freeeee!)

Cuba’s Commander in Chief Fidel Castro was awarded the Olive of Peace by the World Peace Council for being “a constant example in the struggle for the peaceful coexistence of nations.”

Now, it may seem odd that a notorious dictator would be given an award for World Peace, but as for tyrants go, Castro ain’t so bad.

Indicators, like life expectancy and education rates, show the citizens in the socialist state enjoy a quality of life on par with other developed nations. Also, Cubans are amongst the happiest people on the planet.

Plus, how many countries has Cuba invaded? None!

So really, picking Castro as beneficiary for a peace prize isn’t that ludicrous. Especially not when you consider how Obama – the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner – has at least three unending conflicts on his hands.