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Wind Power Undercuts Gas

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Humans have been careening towards an energy threshold, and it won’t be long until we hit it.

No, I’m not talking about peak oil, although a dwindling supply of the oily crude does play a factor. What I am talking about is the energy parity barrier – the point where renewable energy surpasses fossil fuels for cost and reliability.

The fact that this day will soon be upon us is no more evident than in Brazil, where wind farm operators outbid the competition, including natural gas, to win 78 of the 92 energy auctions.

This is just awesome to see! As long as these trends keep up, affordable energy solutions will soon be within reach for every single human on earth, dramatically raising standard of living across the world!

With our basic needs met, we’ll find it much easier to co-exist without all the senseless killing. We really are on the brink of world peace!

Neat Innovation: Virtual Grocery Store

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

When grocery chain Tesco wanted to expand their market share in South Korea, they came up with a brilliant idea: put a virtual store in the subway so busy consumers can buy stuff with their cell phones while they wait for the train.

Now, instead of relying on a brick-and-mortar storefront, businesses can just put life-size pictures of their wares in high-traffic public spaces. Sure, it doesn’t solve issues like rampant consumerism, wasteful food transport practices, or obesity, but it’s an interesting innovation nevertheless.

A World in Turmoil

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

There’s radioactive earthquakes rocking Japan while Tomahawk’s launch for Libya’s liberation. Bee colonies have been collapsing, fish stocks are dwindling and we’re running out of oil and fresh water. The earth’s climate is changing, 1/5th of the world starves to death while the super-rich grow even richer, and everyday we find brand new ways to annihilate ourselves completely.

And if that’s not enough negativity for you, the 24-hour fear-mongering news stations will fill in the gaps with a never ending supply of things to be afraid of. Except, of course, for the really scary stuff, like how our democracy is being eroded, giant corporations are robbing us while politicians take their cut, and the system that is supposed to be protecting us has gradually been enslaving us.

Paraphrasing a quote by David Suzuki, it’s like we’re all in a car that is speeding towards a cliff, and we’re too busy arguing about who sits where.

But get this. The reality is that we have already flown right over the edge, beyond the point of no return. Right now, humankind is hurdling through the air.

But don’t fret. As the vehicle were in comes careening down towards a catastrophic end, our species will gain the ability to fly.

Humankind is coming together like never before, and when we humans work together, especially on a global scale, there is very little we can’t do.

On top of this, the whole body of human knowledge is expanding faster than ever before, opening new doors and unforeseen powers. It won’t be long until we have the means to meet the basic needs of every human. And, with our growing solidarity, we’ll soon have a level of cooperation sophisticated enough to dismantle the world’s defense industry and forever end large scale wars.

While the future doesn’t hold some techno-utopia for us, it will be awesome nonetheless.

Don’t let today’s world stress you out. Try to remember how, on the universal scale, humans are still so very young. These bumps and hurdles we experience are signs we are maturing, and the pain we feel can be thought of as the cost of progress.

Human beings are amazing, and we’re set to do some incredible things. We will persevere through the plethora of problems plaguing our planet. Believe it.

IBM’s Watson Destroys Humans at Jeopardy

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Jeopardy’s top performing players proved to be no match for an artificial intelligence machine created by an IBM research team. Watson – the name of IBM’s AI marvel – had a two day score of $77,147, more than tripling the score of the two human contestants, who earned just $24,000 and $21,600.

It seemed as if Watson’s biggest advantage was speed. Even though the humans knew the answer, they couldn’t buzz in faster than Watson, who dominated the two former Jeopardy champs.

This contest demonstrates where we are today with regards to artificial intelligence and computational power. Watson was developed by some of the world’s brightest minds and it runs on a supercomputer. Yet, within a decade, a program as powerful as Watson will run on the future equivalent of today’s smart phones.

Humankind has been progressing through leaps and bounds, and the breakthroughs are sure to keep arriving faster and faster. The powers we are unleashing will enable us to do tremendous things.

Within a decade or two, institutionalized war and extreme poverty will become obsolete. A world of peace where no one starves to death is just one of the amazing things we have to look forward to.

On the Brink of World Peace

Friday, July 16th, 2010

Do you believe we could achieve world peace in 100 years, if we really tried for it?

Now, given how fast technology is moving forward, imagine where we will be ten years from now. In ten years, perhaps the idea of seeing world peace within a decade won’t be unrealistic.

If this is true, then we really are on the brink of world peace. World peace is coming, and it is likely to be here within 20 years.

World Peace is Coming!

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

World Peace is Coming! Really!  Within 20 years.  20 years… are you serious?  Absolutely!

The truth is we’ve never been closer to a world where these great things become a reality. We’ve been approaching this day for thousands of years and soon the transformation will be complete. A world of peace, prosperity and equality is emerging. We will finally eradicate the scourge of extreme poverty and end institutionalized warfare. This is not some fantasy, nor is it based on some lofty idealist’s dream. This is firmly rooted in reality. Credible research, emerging trends, and the latest developments all bring forth rational arguments as to why our future holds these great things and more.

Our world has been improving at an exponential rate. With each step we take towards a better world, it becomes easier to take the next step. Gains in any of the key factors that lead to our world improving facilitate gains across all others. Our world is cyclically improving… we are, in essence, spiraling towards a better world at an ever increasing pace.

The prime factor driving us towards a better world is our technology, which, much like a world of peace, has been coming to us at exponential speed. Soon, new breakthroughs will allow us to meet the basic needs of all the world’s people, and, as we do, we will be removing one of the root causes of instability and suffering in our world… poverty.

Along with fostering a world of abundance, technology also brings unprecedented levels of uniting power.  Sites like Facebook will allow us to create really big and well organized communities.  And, instant messaging tools like Twitter will allow us to mobilize to action on a massive scale in real time.

These communities, harnessing the power of solidarity, will allow us to coordinate and mobilize in order to change the things we don’t like about our world. Our unity will allow us to eradicate extreme poverty. Together, we will effectively affront the entity primarily responsible for most of the armed conflicts in our world, thereby ending institutionalized warfare.

Furthermore, the technology we’ve been creating, when combined with the other key factors which contribute to a better world, will ultimately empower every single one of us on an individual level. The world of the future will be a world full of empowered people with empowered minds. The world’s power will be shifted into the hands of the people, setting us free to make our world everything we want it to be.

As we move forward into a new age, what will become increasingly evident is how the biggest obstacle preventing us from attaining a world of peace has been our belief. Believing in the possibility of a better world – having hope and being optimistic for the future – is perhaps the most vital part of a better world becoming a reality.

Here at, we are excited to be spreading a message inspiring hope and optimism, and for you to truly believe in the possibility of a brighter future for all, because a far superior world is well within our reach.  Please check out this video, starting off our new campaign to spread the message that World Peace is Coming!