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Revolution Everywhere

Monday, January 27th, 2014

Mass upheavals have been toppling corrupt rulers all over the world, proving that we the people still have the ultimate power. Unfortunately, whenever the glorious revolution does occur, all too often one evil tyrant will fall only to make way for the next.

What we’ve been missing is a key piece to the puzzle: how do we roll out a functioning democracy over top of an old, broken establishment. Lucky for us, this key to unlocking lasting democracy around the world is in the process of being made right now.

This tool, still embryonic, will be an open-source, upgradable system of people, mechanisms, technology and software that will constantly glean consensus from entire populations to develop better policies and rules of governance. so that we can hold our elected officials to the utmost accountability.

How exactly will this work? That is yet to come, but it will work with the instantaneousness of twitter, the self-governance of forums like reddit, the connectivity of Facebook, while being imbued with selflessness like Wikipedia. Politicians will know what their electorates want, and the people will be involved, knowing their voices are being heard, and watching their leaders respond accordingly.

This democracy-in-a-box will be something that can be implemented anywhere, for any size population – so that when the people rise up against injustice, instead of repeating the old cycle of inevitable hypocrisy, they have this system which can be put into effect and live forever free of tyranny.

It will take a group effort to make this happen, as it will really be a monumental accomplishment to create something of this magnitude. But it’s entirely possible and in many ways has already begun.

Update: Freedom Flotilla Foiled For Now

Monday, July 4th, 2011

In a frustrating turn of events, the Gaza-bound Freedom Flotilla II – a humanitarian mission bringing supplies and aide to Palestine – has been stifled by Greek authorities. 8 of the 9 remaining ships have been detained in Greece ports, caught up in red tape, and the passports of passengers and crew have been seized.

Greek authorities have blocked the boats’ departure as a result of a complaint lodged by Shurat HaDin, an Israeli law center. This goes to show the global reach of the Zionist movement.

Yesterday, Greece told organizers of the Flotilla it was willing to transfer any aid on the ships to the Palestinians themselves, an offer supported by Israel.

This solution won’t likely appease the aid ships, since the whole mission is an act of civil disobedience intended to protest an illegal blockade. Handing over their supplies and trusting Greek and Israel to safely deliver it to Palestine would negate much of the group’s purpose.

Instead, the Flotilla will see if they can leave Greece headed for a third-country port, after which they’ll  continue on to Gaza.

Safe Journeys!

Athens On Fire

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Hundreds of thousands of protesters are taking to the streets in Greece’s capital to voice their opposition to the austerity measures going through parliament.

While some of the protesters have been peaceful, many frustrations have boiled over into violence, with angry Greeks trashing property, lighting stuff on fire, and attacking security forces.

Frankly, I don’t blame them for being upset. Their government is about to take on another bailout from the global loan-sharks known as the IMF, complete with many deep-reaching strings attached, in response to a crisis many say was caused by bankers and politicians.

But throwing petrol bombs at police officers won’t help anything. This just tarnishes the image of the demonstrators while making it harder for peaceful activists to get their voice heard.