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Demand Transparency

Thursday, August 1st, 2013

So many of the faults which plague systems of governance around the world could be solved if only we had the means to hold those in power accountable for their actions. And there is no better tool to do this than transparency.

Malevolence, corruption, cruelty… this things can only persist in the shadows. Out in the open, under the scrutiny of a watchful global eye, the weight of the world’s people will inevitably stamp out these injustices.

Imagine if cops and soldiers, while they were working, had to wear an always-on camera that streams the video to a publicly controlled database. The feed could be delayed, but will eventually be made – unaltered – to the public.

An ever watching lens could be doubly beneficial to police, helping to hold wrong-doers accountable while weeding  weed out abuses of power. The military could also be helped as streaming cameras ought to deter crimes against humanity, capture their acts of bravery, and show the public what the true face of war is.

Or suppose we demanded that governments account for every single dollar taxed and spent. Lay it all out for us online, make it easy to navigate and simple to understand – not because politicians and civil servants want to, but because we demand it. Mismanagement of funds and institutionalized corruption will be excised as it becomes glaringly evident as to who is taking far more than what they’ve earned.

The same goes for the US Healthcare system. Why not completely expose what’s been going on? It would be a great way to fix the problem. Institutionalized corruption. Collusion between health care elite, insurance companies and the government,  all maximizing personal profits at the expense of the public.

We have the technological means to make these things happen. The only reason it hasn’t arrived yet is because there isn’t enough will among the people.

Politicians? The Mainstream Media? Few of them are going to spearhead a ‘show everyone in the world what we are doing behind closed doors’ platform, so it’s up to the rest of us.

Spread the word, make our demand for transparency a part of everyday discussion.

Quebec Crushing Charter of Rights

Friday, May 18th, 2012

Watch out, Quebeckers, North Korea is coming. And its name is emergency Bill 78.

Penned during an all-night session by Premier Jean Charest’s government, this bill sets strict limits on public demonstrations and threatens stiff penalties to anyone trying to exercise their right to gather in protest and exercise free speech.

“This bill, if adopted, is a breach to the fundamental, constitutional rights of the citizens,” says the bar association president Louis Masson, who goes on to note how “The scale of its restraints on fundamental freedoms isn’t justified by the objectives aimed by the government.”

The precedent set here isn’t just bad for Quebec, it’s bad for our entire country. If they can do it there, why not everywhere?

So a handful of individuals seize the protests as opportunity to resort to vandalism and violence and the entire movement gets punished. How typical! No wonder police go undercover to disturb the peace… it so readily negates populist uprisings.

Which is really too bad, because I love what the students have been doing. I love their energy, their spirit, and their tenacity in the face of a domineering establishment. And really, their cause is just. Sure, they already pay the lowest tuition in all of Canada, and the hikes are relatively small. But that’s no reason not to expect better.

Instead of hating on Quebec’s students for being engaged in our democracy, maybe a better question is ‘Why aren’t the rest of Canadian students out demanding lower costs for themselves?’

A Fight Turned Ugly

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

One person, one voice can make all the difference. If you see wrongdoings, injustice or atrocities, don’t hesitate to speak out. As soon as you do, chances are others will rally behind your cause.

Update on Judge William Adams

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Remember when the video leaked showing Texas Family Law Judge William Adams’ brutal beating of his sixteen year old daughter? Well, I sure hope you do, cuz it just freakin happened less than a day ago!

Since the story broke, Judge Adams has disconnected his cell and office phones. His home has been inundated with unordered pizzas.  The “Don’t Re-elect Judge Adams” Facebook page now has over 5000 members, and authorities are now looking into the case.

William Adams has admitted guilt and issued an apology.

Hillary Adams explained her reasoning for the release to a local news station, saying ““My father’s harassment was getting really bad, so I decided to finally publish the video that I had been sitting on for 7 years.”

Good for you, Hillary. You’re showing the whole world how to destroy injustice.

Ask Judge Adams, The Global Spotlight Could Shine On You!

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Do you abuse your position of authority? Are you profiting off an institutionalized injustice? Are you just an all around douche-bag?

Well, if you answer yes to any of these questions, besides being complimented on your level of self-awareness, you must also be warned that your days are numbered. See, pretty soon, there won’t be anywhere left for your corruption, abuse and atrocities to hide.

Just ask Judge William Adams. Judge Adams felt like beating his daughter with a belt for using her “fucking computer” and “all the problems they cause”, which he did, for more than several minutes.

Little did the corrupt Judge know, the entire event was being videotaped and has now, 7 years later, gone viral on the Internet.

The judge’s daughter, 23 year old Hillary Adams, posted the video on Youtube and promoted it on Reddit after finally building up the courage to do so. Her story will surely surface over the coming days.

It’s been about 5 hours now, and the shocking video has already hit the news and hundreds of thousands (if not millions!) of viewers. Finally, this abused girl will get some justice she deserves.

More importantly, this should be a huge wake up call to any other prick who thinks they are getting away with their foul shenanigans. It makes me wish every single person was armed with their very own camera, ready to stream live to the Internet at the press of a button.

Of course, that’s precisely the direction we are heading. We are becoming more interconnected than ever before, at a faster pace than ever before! It’s like a great awakening, where everyone’s mind is coming in tune. We’re forming a global consciousness, able to share information around the world with great immediacy.

As larger and larger numbers of people are able to focus on the same thing at the same time, incredible things become entirely possible. It’s like every stride we take is bigger than the last. At this rate, we’ll soon be moving mountains.

And when it comes to injustice like that inflicted upon Hillary Adams, we will stop at nothing to see it stamped out.

VIDEO: Burning Injustice with Sunlight

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Sunlight can kill germs, but it can also kill monsters.


Freedom Flotilla Gaza-Bound

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

(Yonatan Shapira, former Israeli Air Force pilot, describes why he joined the Gaza Freedom Flotilla)

Defying threats of litigation and incarceration, and despite encountering (potentially) state-sponsored sabotage, over 1500 activists are now bound for Gaza as part of Freedom Flotilla II. The Gaza Flotilla is a 10 ship humanitarian mission designed to bring aide to Palestinians living under Israeli occupation.

Even though these ships are likely to meet heavy Israeli resistance, the mere act of trying will effect positive change for the Palestinian people. Ending Apartheid in Israel will take mounting pressure from the International community, and increased awareness of the issue – exposing the atrocities committed by the State of Israel – is vital to preventing further injustices.

To the brave people aboard the Flotilla, and for all who stand against oppression and injustice, stay strong, and try to make enough noise for the whole world to hear you.

Secret Cables: Israel Preps to Take On UN

Friday, June 10th, 2011

Israel has started mobilizing for the battle against the United Nation’s plans to recognize a Palestinian state in September, based on the 1967 borders.

Leaked classified diplomatic cables reveal Foreign Minister Rafael Barak directing diplomats to convey the message that acceptance of a Palestinian state would delegitimize Israel and foil any chance for future peace talks.

Overseas officials have been told to lobby politicians in their respective countries, mobilize Jewish groups to influence public opinion, and place stories in the international media critical of the Palestinian overtures.

Even as the world comes together in support of Palestine, the Zionists refuse to accept any wrong doing. Instead, they hold steady with their continued human rights violations and then try to blame the rest of us when we get upset.

Well, we won’t be swayed by the propaganda spewing from the Israeli PR machine. The untold injustice perpetrated by the State of Israel will no longer be tolerated in the new world we’re in the process of creating.

Israel Eliminates 140,000 Palestinian Civilians

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

(When white phosphorus fails, try bureaucracy.)

For 27 years, between 1967 and 1994, Israel covertly canceled residency of over 140,000 West Bank Palestinians, reports Israeli news agency Haaretz.

Any Palestinian wishing to travel abroad to Jordan were ordered exchanging their ID cards at the border crossing for a card that would enable them to pass. Then, anyone not returning within six months of the card’s three-year expiration date, would be registered as NLR – no longer residents.

Officials claims they knew that a clear procedure was in place, but the details remained classified.

While the Jordan/West Bank crossing policy ending in 1994, a similar procedure is still in place for residents of East Jerusalem, who can still lose their right to return if they have been abroad for seven years.

Yet another injustice to tack onto the plight of the Palestinian people.

Peace March in Mexico

Monday, May 9th, 2011

Tens of thousands of Mexicans marched through the capital yesterday, urging an end to the bloodshed.  The rally signaled the end of a four day, 60 mile trek that started Thursday.

The outrage expressed by these brave demonstrators is certainly justified. Nearly 38,000 people have been killed in Mexico in the past four years, not to mention how unacceptably commonplace human rights violations have become.

You may look at these numbers and think it’s such a senseless shame, which it most definitely is. But even more tragic is the underlying cause of the majority of this violence – drug prohibition.

Fueling Mexico’s powerful criminal groups are the lucrative profits made from narcotics trafficking. Were prohibition to end, most of Mexico’s gangs would go belly up as their supply of dirty drug dollars dries up.

So, once again, an obvious solution emerges that would solve several deep rooted problems – end the war on drugs.

Most of us already know drug prohibition is an utter failure, but these draconian policies still remain. This isn’t because drug prohibition warrants any merit, but because the people’s anti-prohibition movement hasn’t gained enough steam.

Several industries – DEAs, jails, and drug-peddlers – will each continue to make billions of dollars a year as long as the war on drugs keeps running. Plus, many more industries – pharmaceuticals, tobacco, and alcohol – all stand to lose billions if illicit drugs were legalized.

With so many huge businesses involved, the war on drugs is set to continue forever. At least, until it gets forced to stop, and this will take collective action by millions of informed and engaged citizens.

So be sure to do your part. Get informed about the realities of drug prohibition, then become involved and speak your voice. It’s time this injustice came to an end.