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Update: Israeli Government Still Murdering Palestinians

Friday, December 9th, 2011

It has been several weeks since we last discussed the ongoing conflict between the oppressive and fanatical State of Israel and the Palestinian people who refuse to simply lie down and die. So you might be wondering if they are still fighting.

And yes, they are.

While violence had subsided temporarily, Israel, never one to back down from the threat of peace, sprung into action killing four Palestinians and wounding dozens more with air strikes. Amongst the dead were a 12 year old boy and his father. Their only mistake? Living next to the intended targets.

How much longer will Israel keep oppressing the nation of Palestine? Well, the answer to that question comes in the form of another question: How much longer will the rest of the world tolerate Israel’s ongoing atrocities?

Seeing how the international community is continually mounting pressure, and considering that Israel isn’t even good for the Jews anymore, the injustices must surely be drawing to a close.


Update: Case and point about atrocities coming to light. Disturbing footage just surfaced of a Palestinian man getting pegged with an Israel smoke canister from what looks like under 20 feet.

One could easily concoct a story about how the fanatical unarmed Palestinian was a dire threat, spewing hate speech, hurling rocks and death threats against the poor, well-armed and armored, defenseless Israeli soldiers.

But the sad truth is the soldier who pulled the trigger is unlikely to ever be held accountable, at least not by the Israeli Defense Force. This means they won’t even have to lie about just wanting to shoot some helpless guy in the face.