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UFC and the Marines

Sunday, December 13th, 2009

The mixed martial arts league UFC, which pits two competitors against each other in an octagonal cage for sports fighting, relies upon sponsorship as one source of revenue.

One of their sponsors is the US Marine Corps, who’ve had a working relationship with the UFC for several years.  At least one UFC event was held for the troops, with the crowd being all military personnel and the funds raised going to help the war veterans (the UFC stepping up to do something the US government didn’t do).

Last night, during a pay-per-view event, they ran a 2-minute ad by the Marines (see below), which drew parallels between the UFC fighters and the soldiers in the Marines. The tag line was something like  “Some warriors fight in the cage, others fight all over the world”, and they showed clips of MMA fighters training, spliced in with military exercises.

This was a preposterous ad to watch… as if there is no difference between the two…  fighting is fighting is fighting…  the same honor, the same noble fight… just two skilled opponents dueling it out to see who is superior.  This  is just ABSURD!!!

In the UFC, the two combatants are usually fairly evenly matched.  Each is a willing participant, and they fight under a set of rules, watched by a ref and judges.  They fight for glory and competition and entertainment.

The US Military, on the other hand, is a powerhouse of well trained, well funded soldiers, and they attack the weakest possible enemies out there.  Their opponents are not willing combatants…  they are predominantly innocent victims and casualties.  The goal of the US Military is to beat their opponents into lifelessness, and then keep on beating until someone finally makes them stop and they move on to the their next victim.

While the Marines themselves may indeed be brave, the cause they fight for (despite the lies we are told) is not about honor or liberty, it is about making huge amount of profits for private interests, while at the same time causing untold amounts of suffering.  Billions in precious resources are squandered every year.  There is a huge toll on human lives, and the infrastructure of the invaded country.

To draw parallels between the UFC and the Marines is a disgusting act, and it shows just how desperate they are getting to suck in new recruits.  We need to keep war out of sports… in fact, we need to keep war off our planet entirely.