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They Want to Take Over the Internet!

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

Stop SOPA! Prevent PIPA! The Internet community has spoken – we do not want the government to destroy our beautiful, free Internet.

Yet, just as vigilant Netizens have been rallying the troops, the mainstream media has – GASP! – once again failed to offer any significant coverage of these seriously flawed bills. The folks at Media Matters confirmed this, showing how the big TV news players have almost entirely ignored the issue.

No matter. It’s the Internet we are trying to save, and it will take Internet people to save it.

Take, as an example, Rep. Paul Ryan’s decision to suddenly drop support for SOPA after being inundated with pressure from constituents. The majority of this criticism came from social powerhouse Reddit, whose members coordinated the attack on the former SOPA supporter.

Rob Zerban, Paul Ryan’s 2012 Democratic challenger, extols Ryan’s flip-flop as a prime example of social networking power, saying “This is an extraordinary victory. Reddit was able to force the House Budget chair to reverse course — shock waves will be felt throughout the establishment in Washington today — other lawmakers will take notice.”

Ryan’s about face parallels last month’s change-of-position by GoDaddy, whose support of SOPA prompted a mass-migration as clients shifted their business elsewhere. GoDaddy did eventually drop SOPA backing, but not before doing irreparable damage to their brand.

Even the Internet’s biggest players – Google, Facebook, Twitter and others – are throwing their hat into the ring. The online giants have stated that they will take drastic measures, blocking access to their highly popular sites as a means of protesting the proposed censorship legislation.

With so much at stake, we must fight tooth and nail just to keep from sliding down the slippery slope being laid out under our feet. The future of a free human species could very well depend on what transpires in the next few weeks, so let us carpe this diem while we still can.

Build Our Own Nations First

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Rep. Ron Paul took to the floor today, sharing some of his eloquent wisdom.

For starters, Dr. Paul must have been here to read yesterday’s post, since he agrees that “the elimination of Osama bin Laden should prompt us to bring our troops home from Afghanistan and Iraq.”

Ron Paul also expressed his regret for authorizing the war on terror after 9/11, as the leeway he and others provided was used to “pursue nation-building and remaking the middle east” at a cost of “trillions of dollars, tens of thousands of American casualties and many thousands of innocent lives.”

Dr. Paul touches upon an interesting point. As noble the goal of spreading freedom across the Middle East, our first priority should be to stop the erosion of democracy in our own backyards.

Until we get our own houses in order, we have no business in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, or any other nation. To do otherwise is to try switching one broken system for another.

Bring the troops home. We could be investing these trillions of war dollars to get our own systems polished and proven. Then, as our society flourishes, it will inspire other nations to adopt our successful model for themselves.

End Wars Now – Paul

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

(If you strike me down, my libertarian fiscal policies will become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.)

Representative Ron Paul appeared on Face the Nation this Sunday, demanding that President Obama end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan immediately.

When asked “What can President Obama do to move America in the right direction?” Paul promptly replied “End the wars now. We have no clear objective in either war, it’s time to call both wars a loss and walk away- as a country we’ll save trillions of dollars and American lives.”

Paul echoed these thoughts in with his call to “End the Libyan War!“, decrying the US intervention to be unconstitutional as well as a reckless waste of resources. Paul:

Let’s be clear: this is a US act of war on Libya. This misadventure has already cost us hundreds of millions of dollars and we can be sure the final price tag will be several times higher.

As civilian victims of the US-led coalition bombing continue to add up, it is getting difficult to determine whether the problem we are creating on the ground is worse than the one we were trying to solve.

We must end our participation in any attack on Libya immediately.

It is imperative for themselves and for the world that the American public reclaim their lost power and pull back the reins on a war machine that is already running amok.