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This Peacewarrior Supports the Troops

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

(“No, Frank. You’re supposed to lean backwards when you limbo.”)

I’m a Peacewarrior.

The term may seem like an oxymoron, but its not.

The ‘warrior’ part is necessary to differentiate from pure pacifists, in that Peacewarriors are willing to fight to promote peace. Not necessarily on the battlefield, but rather, in the ideological and political fields. It’s about winning hearts and minds, and making the vision of world peace so clear that others see it’s entirely possible.

Peacewarriors take a stand against oppression and injustice, even if it means risking personal attack. Peacewarriors are willing to be intellectually bold, keeping an open mind but not folding under pressure. Peacewarriors hold on to the dream of a better world, even when it means going against the flow.

As a Peacewarrior, I am not anti-soldier. They have a just purpose, filling a need within society: the combatant, the warrior, the protector. These roles haven’t become obsolete yet.

What I take issue with is those who sit at the helm of the war machine; those in charge of sending our boys and girls to fight and die. These entities have been exploiting our primal instincts, like prejudice and fear, to reap huge profits for themselves at tremendous costs to humankind. It is these war-profiteers who face my peacemongering scorn.

So, whether you are part of the military or you just support them, know that I too support the troops. That’s a big reason why I want to these senseless wars to end… so we can bring the troops home.

Peacewarriors FTW (for the World!)

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

Gandhi, Deepak Chopra, the Dalai Lama, John Lennon: just a few of the prominent personalities that come to mind when dealing with the promotion of peace.

But anyone can be a peacewarrior, even you! Within every single one of us resides the power to change the world. It is just a matter of choosing to take action, getting involved, and adding your voice to the movement.

Peacewarriors are regular people who believe that staying silent in the face of injustice is a form of consent. This is why they actively struggle against oppression, using whatever non-violent means available to help create a more just society.

Building peace can be hard sometimes because it often means going against the grain. For too long we’ve had institutionalized violence in our world, and far too many minds have been indoctrinated with the false belief that war is inevitable.

This is where the ‘warrior’ aspect of building peace comes in: standing strong against the fears and hatred and ideologies which are preventing us from moving forward into a better world.

Most people want a world with more peace and love, but they fear being persecuted or ridiculed for saying so. They say a single boo will drown out a dozen cheers, and the same holds true when building peace. Too often the optimistic dreams of many can be deflated by a single pessimist spewing negative nonsense.

It is up to the brave Peacewarriors to take the lead and pave the path to peace.  Courage is contagious, and so too is hope.

Inspiring in others a belief in the possibility of peace is perhaps the greatest contribution any of us can make to the peace movement. When enough people on earth recognize the real potentials for peace, we will be in a position to actually make it happen.

Fortunately, today’s peacebuilders have an unprecedented arsenal at their disposal. For one, the Internet, with its instant messaging and social networking, gives us great powers to coordinate and mobilize efforts from around the world. Peacewarriors, unite!

On top of this, we now have more channels than ever to spread pertinent information. Facts like how the world is the most peaceful it has ever been in modern history, or how extreme poverty is at an all time low, give us some great reasons to be optimistic.

As well, sharing knowledge about the trillion dollar war-machine known as the Military Industrial Complex will do wonders to demystify wars and help end institutionalized armed conflicts.

We’ve never been closer to world peace than we are right now, meaning there has never been a more crucial time to be a peacewarrior. So join the movement!

You will be helping to create world peace – something humankind has yet to accomplish. At the end of the day, what could possibly be a greater or more noble goal than this?

and inspiring others to follow suit.

A Trillion Dollars… Gone Forever

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

The U.S. led invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan have now crossed the One Trillion Dollar mark – that’s $1,000,000,000,000, gone forever.

This is an obscene amount of U.S. Taxpayer money. Money that could have helped solved the health care issues… money that could have put the U.S. back near the top regarding education levels… money that could have taken a big chunk out of the U.S. foreign debt. This trillion dollars could have been used for pretty much anything other than occupying foreign countries who really have no desire to be occupied.

The U.S. is no safer now. Their economy is teetering on the brink of collapse, their infrastructure is crumbling, and the world holds as much contempt for America as ever.

Of course, if you ask the people involved in the war industry, they will likely say how the cost is justified and how the war efforts have been working and will continue to work: the U.S. is safer, America’s enemies have been crushed, Iraq and Afghanistan are now better off.

But their opinions need to be taken with a huge grain of salt… their livelihood depends on the war-industry. It is their job! It’s how they feed their families. The idea of ending war means they would need to find new employment, and that is a scary prospect to most anyone.

Asking people entrenched in the war industry if the war is working would be the same as asking a drug enforcement agent if the war on drugs is working. The vast majority of them would like to believe their efforts are working.

With billion dollar profits involved and millions of people with an invested stake in perpetuating conflict, war will not stop on its own. It will take a force of equal or greater power to slow down and stop the war-machine.

This force will come from the millions and millions of people around the world who are sick of war – the world’s peace warriors. The more we come together, the more we coordinate our efforts and mobilize to action, the more power we will gain to systematically dismantle the war machine.

The world’s peace movement will continue to grow in strength. We will prevail.

World Peace is Coming!