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Surveillance State Protects the Status Quo

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Monday’s analysis of Glenn Greenwald’s poignant think piece noted how the money-wasting domestic spying and security system we’ve been creating is used not to prevent terrorism, but rather, to stifle dissent and keep protesters under wraps.

Following on that note, today Sarah Jaffe added her voice to the growing list of names – many of whom she quotes in her article – who feel the surveillance state is being used to protect the interests of the ultra-rich.

“As a global protest movement rises and spreads within the US,” writes Jaffe, “expect surveillance tactics honed in the ‘war on terror’ to be used in the defense of wealth.”

Have no doubt – the powers that be are trying to set up some sort of big brother network. Many of the people involved don’t see the real threat it poses. But some of them do, because they plan to use this growing police state to try and stop the great social revolution which has already begun.

But humanity WILL NOT be so easily enslaved. Resourceful and clever, humans will always find ways to beat the system. The more the ruling powers try to crack down, the more people will be drawn together.

Things might get scary as this global struggle comes to a head. But when all is said and done, a democratic and prosperous world of peace will be in our hands.

Sarah Palin’s Campaign Incites Mass Murder

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

By now you’ve probably heard that 18 people where gunned down outside a Tucson Safeway, including Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

It didn’t take long for Netizens to put together some pieces, placing the blame squarely on Sarah Palin’s campaign and web page for inciting the violence.

First, there was the map with the targeted cross-hairs over Giffords’ office:

Then, there was this tweet:

And there was this cryptic update in the sidebar of Palin’s page:

Palin’s patsies have since scrubbed their website, but not before this damning information was caught.

Here’s Congresswoman Giffords herself, stating how there are consequences to using hateful, charged rhetoric. She was referring to her campaign office being smashed, but it is equally applicable to her being shot in the head. (skip to 2 min mark)

Obviously there’s nothing concrete linking the shooter and Sarah Palin’s web-page, as of yet. Still, it would be nice if some fallout from this did reach Palin to serve as a warning to all political leaders that their words do have weight. Spreading hate-speech, especially when your base is filled with gun-toting nutbars, can result in tragic consequences.

Here’s a final thought (for now), as tweeted by Michael Moore: