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DRACO Kills All Viruses

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

From the ‘Future is Going to Be AMAZING!’ files: MIT scientists have developed a broad spectrum cure for not just one type of virus, but all viruses.

A drug called DRACO, which stands for Double-stranded RNA Activated Caspase Oligomerizer, works by specifically impeding the replication process used by every virus.

Awesome. If tests pan out, we could have a solution for AIDS, Hepatitis, and other deadly diseases within a decade.

It’s news like this that reaffirms my belief that humankind stands on the brink of a fantastic new world… a global civilization that has the tools to provide the basic needs for every human, and the means to cure any sickness.

This fantastic future is not centuries away. It is already happening, right now. And the more it does happen, the more of us will awaken to be overwhelmed with the hope and optimism so imperative for creating a lasting peace on earth.

World peace is coming. As long as we can avoid extinction or enslavement, it will be here within our lifetimes.

Recent Rochester Research Shows Mushrooms May Stop Spread of HIV/AIDS

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

In tropical climates, sea creatures produce a working sunscreen should we ever find ourselves stranded on a sunny beach. Once in a while, the antidote to a poisonous plant or creature can be found growing nearby in the same ecosystem.

Now, it seems, nature is offering us a new solution to the AIDS epidemic.

An unexpected find from the University of Rochester gives hope that a compound derived from wild mushrooms may effectively prevent the spread of the HIV virus.

The Rochester group discovered a unique feature in the way HIV replicates within human cells. Usually, viruses will use a molecule called dNTP for replication, but there is a shortage of dNTP in the cells targeted by HIV.

So – and here’s the surprising part – instead of using dNTP to proliferate itself, HIV uses a more readily available molecule called rNTP. That sneaky little bugger!

But here’s the bright side: a drug called Cordycepin (which is derived from wild mushrooms) is known to inhibit rNTP. Eventually, a microbicide could effectively prevent the transmission of the virus. Plus, these findings unlock new avenues to pursue in the struggle to eradicate AIDS forever.

Neat stuff, huh?

Stories like these are why I get so excited and optimistic when I think about the future. As a species, our potential is unlimited. We’ve already done so many incredible things, and we’ve only just begun to unlock the greatness that awaits!