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Iraqi Birth Defects Linked to US Weapons

Saturday, January 8th, 2011

Toxicological research from Ann Arbor  has linked US weapons to birth defects in Iraq. As if the bombs blowing up civilians weren’t bad enough, now the bomb residue is poisoning the survivors.

Wars are senseless and they need to stop.

Come together, people of the world, and see how we are really only fighting ourselves! See how wars only hurt us as individuals and as a species!

The time has come to embrace our global citizenship and forever banish war from our world. It’s not impossible.

In fact, it has already begun to happen. The Internet has already brought our world together like never before. With this newfound interconnectedness, we’ll see how most of the world’s people aren’t all that different and we don’t massive armies to resolve our disputes.

As well, this migration online will make our world more self-aware, so much that we’ll be able to feel the pleasure and pain from the rest of humankind. When awareness of the world’s suffering increases,  it will be eased by an equivalent response from humanity’s inherent compassion.

On top of this, we’ll ultimately see how we aren’t alone. In fact, we have a whole world of fellow humans willing to openly say “NO!” to injustice, provided others are saying it too. And this is perhaps the most important step… learning of the tremendous power in numbers and how, once united, there is nothing the human race cannot accomplish.

We are building a more just global civilization!

Keep Corporations on a Tight Leash

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Politicians dependent on corporate donations, along with slews of well-funded lobbyists, ensures a consistent shifting of the system to benefit the corporatist agenda. Trademarks, copyrights, patent laws and other protectionist acts can stifle innovation and hamper new markets. Nearly complete domination of the mainstream media gives unprecedented control over the social consciousness and the manipulation/fabrication of consumers.

We no longer have capitalism in our world, if we ever did indeed have it. Capitalism is like survival of the fittest for business. It encourages competition, promotes innovation, and benefits consumers with lower costs and the products we demand.

The economic system that rules our world, with America at the epicenter, is capitalism’s bastardized offspring – corporatism. Corporatism is a form of tyranny. It actively blocks threats, hates competition, and can manipulate free markets along with governments and consumers all in a bid to maximize shareholder earnings.

Put simply, corporatism is when big, powerful entities use their might to make things even better for themselves. And these gains are made most often at the detriment to everything else – small businesses, employees, consumers, and the health of the planet.

The more powerful corporations become, the more influence they will exert over the world’s system. And what they want is not a better world for you and I to live in. What corporations want, as soulless entities, is more earnings, more profits, and a higher share value. That is all. Any exhibition of philanthropy or humanitarianism by corporations is rarely anything more than public relations to improve their image.

Corporations will take as much power as they can, for as long as we let them. This is why it is imperative that we – the people of earth – cooperate to counterbalance the influence of these business behemoths. To ensure that they are ultimately working for our benefit (and not the other way around) we need to keep corporations on a tight leash.