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Make Cops Wear Cameras

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Imagine if cops had to wear cameras where the video is streamed to a public database. How would they act with an unblinking and unbiased witness forever leaving them open to the people’s scrutiny?

Here’s my prediction: there would be less abuse of power. Police misconduct happens when they know they can get away with it. But under and ever-present eye to watch them, they’ll find it much harder to abuse the authority they’ve been entrusted with. (more…)

Today’s Trip Towards Totalitarianism: Google Caves to the likes of RIAA

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

Google has catered to the likes of RIAA and other DMCA douchebags by removing terms that relate to copyright infringement from the auto-complete feature.  They also expedited the process to issue DMCA takedown notices.

Not really a big deal, feature-wise. Now you just have to type in the whole phrase yourself instead of having Google do it for you. Pirates will still be able to find what the same content, but it makes it less likely that non-pirates will stumble upon copyrighted material.

But this change is a big deal when it comes to precedent. Google already has a tarnished record when it comes to cowing down to pressure from influential institutions, like when they catered somewhat to China’s dictatorial demands.

Now, here we see Google capitulating to the whole anti-p2p movement – a litigious movement which critics say protect obsolete views of intellectual property in order to maximize profits for the big corporations (and their shareholders) that sit atop the mainstream entertainment industries.

Yes, Google has taken just taken a minor step. But it is still ONE MORE STEP!  Everyday, more and more rights are being stripped from us. Everyday, this big beast called totalitarianism clamps down on our world.

German citizens, recollecting Germany after the rise of the Nazi’s, would speak to how fascism set in. A small step here, a new restriction there. Never enough to really cause a riot. Just more each day for a few years,  until the government’s power crossed a threshold – the tipping point – and then it was too late. Out of nowhere, fascism came crashing down on them like a bear trap.

The establishment had all the means in place to easily quash any rebellion. The people were under complete control and they had no choice but to comply. An entire population was at the whim of the system and those who sat atop.

This is what can happen to our entire world if we aren’t careful. Forces are working diligently to make totalitarianism happen. It’s not even just the the Illuminati or the Bilderberg group or whatever secret society you want to name.

Totalitarianism can breed from within any of us.

Any mother who thinks more safety precautions are a good thing because they will make us safer. Any father who caters to irrational fears and mindlessly trusts a system to protect his family and keep them safe. Any one of us who doesn’t want to accept responsibility and accountability for our own lives and would rather just let someone else do it for us.

Fortunately, not all forces are working to instill Big Brother’s police state. One force that can (and will) counterbalance totalitarianism is the power that comes from humans uniting. We are coming together as a species, like never before, and the forces we are unleashing will keep totalitarianism at bay.

Humans are capable of remarkable things. We are starting to come together, and we will rise up against oppression to make world peace and a brighter future a reality.