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Sagan/Turner: Feed the Hungry, Not the War Machine

Friday, August 5th, 2011

What’s the best way to follow up yesterday’s Carl Sagan inspired post? With more Carl Sagan, of course! In the clip, we see Sagan being interviewed by Ted Turner. Skip to just past the 5 minute mark to hear Dr. Sagan remark:

“More than half the kids in America might be below the poverty line. What kind of future do we build for the country if we raise all these kids as disadvantaged, as unable to cope with society, as resentful for the injustice served up to them. This is stupid!”

To which Turner replies:

“And then what happened with the resources is they went into increasing budgets for arms, isn’t that where the money went?”

Later on, Sagan brings up the exorbitant cost of the now defunct Star Wars program, saying:

“Think of what that money could be used for: to educate, to help, to bring people up to a sense of self-confidence. To improve not just the happiness of people in America, but their economic standing…. We are using money for the wrong stuff.”

The interview happened over 20 years ago, and the words still ring true.

Too many governments around the world are blowing too much money on military budgets. This treasure being squandered doesn’t just appear out of thin air – it comes from the fruits of humankind’s labor.

We don’t need war anymore, and enough of us are finally beginning to recognize this to make a difference. No longer will humankind be fighting each other.

Instead, we’ll keep coordinating and cooperating internationally, working to dismantle the entities responsible for enable large scale conflicts as for-profit businesses.

Since the dawn of human civilization, we’ve been building a peaceful planet. And now, over the next few years, we will get to see the final pieces will come into place as world peace finally arrives. YAY!