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Take the Money Out of Building Weapons

Friday, September 16th, 2011

In Egypt, Syria, Libya, Bahrain and many other nations, civilians are being violently subjugated by their governments. The western media will sometimes report on these quashed uprisings, but a pressing question usually remains unasked – where do these tyrants get their modern weaponry?

For the most part, the tools of dissident suppression – rifles, tanks, bombs and gunships – aren’t being made domestically. Instead, they’re being imported from any of the world’s international arms dealers, most of whom will transact with anyone that has the cash.

Of course, corner any of the corporations that build these weapons, or any of the politicians who deal with despots, and it is unlikely they will admit any wrongdoings. I mean, come on, who could possibly have conceived that an armor plated vehicle with bulletproof tires and a mounted Gatling gun might be used for human rights violations.

But why would you expect anything other than crooks and cronies running the arms business? When there is billions of dollars changing hands, you just know it’s going to attract all kinds of scumbags.

And that brings us to a simple solution to this problem. In fact, this idea has so much potential that it wouldn’t just prevent the Defense Industry from arming tyrants, it would actually eliminate one of the primary reasons we even have war on earth.

Enough building it up. Here’s the proposal:

A 100% tax on all profits earned from manufacturing the weapons of war.

BLAM! Take that, Military Industrial Complex. You can design and sell all the weapons you want, but don’t expect any more lucrative deals. Now we’ll see if “building democracy”, “fighting terrorists”, and “protecting civilians” is really all that important to the war-mongers when there’s far fewer profits to be made.

Smells Like Big Brother

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Be aware. It’s trying to hide, just up ahead in the shadows. Lurking, waiting for the right moment to pounce. It’s Big Brother. Totalitarianism. The police state.

Not to be alarmist here, but the past ten years of ludicrously overpriced security theater has put our entire world on the brink of a disastrous end – enslaved by the system we created to protect us.

Take, for example, one of the blights which arose after 9/11: America’s Patriot Act. This tool for terrorism prevention has been used predominantly to enforce drug prohibition – a cause which has already proven to be lost. Of the over 1700 warrants issued under the Patriot Act, 1618 were used for drug searches, while just 15 were used to prevent actual terrorism.

Right now, the cops and feds are using these new powers to bust drug crime, which is bad enough, but what happens when dissension – the act of speaking out against power – becomes synonymous with terrorism?

Just consider a subtle provision of the US’s National Defense Authorization Act, which puts all terror suspects into immediate military custody. Soon the rule of law and due process needn’t interfere with the crushing of unsightly uprisings.

Plus don’t forget the Citizens United bill, the one that gives American corporations unlimited political spending. Having been enacted nearly two years ago, one wonders what corporate lobbyists have in the works now… Walmart for President?

And this is just in the United States, leader of the Free World. All over the planet, major powers – like the UK, Canada, and India – have been systematically stripping entire populations of freedom, shifting us closer to where one of the world’s new superpowers – China – already is. And, believe me, we don’t want to deal with a Great Firewall or disappearing dissidents.

Now, please note that as an optimist, I truly believe humankind will persevere and overcome the threat of a global totalitarian demise. Our resourcefulness and cunning will prove superior to the encroaching fascist system, and we will inevitably find a way to break free from the grip of tyranny.

But that’s no reason to delay. The longer we wait to protect ourselves from Big Brother, the harder the struggle will be. So be sure to act now!

Chomsky: US Fears Arab Democracy

Friday, May 13th, 2011

The notorious Noam Chomsky gave another of his eloquent speeches this week at FAIR‘s 25th anniversary celebration, supporting his thesis that “the U.S. & its allies will do anything they can to prevent authentic democracy in the Arab World.”

The main reason America doesn’t truly support a free Middle East, says Chomsky, is because “an overwhelming majority of the [Arab World] population regards the United States as the main threat to their interests.”

Instead of supporting democracy, the US’s policy is to prop up strong men to keep the people in check, as described by Professor Chomsky:

“If the dictators support us, and the population is under control, then what’s the problem? This is like imperialism. What’s the problem if it works? As long as they can control their populations, fine. They can have campaigns of hatred; our friendly dictators will keep them under control. It just doesn’t matter what the population thinks, as long as they’re under control. If actions correspond to our strategic and economic objectives, that’s OK.”

For starters, it is very nice of Noam to validate yesterday’s post that argues how human rights violations will go unnoticed as long as the perpetrators maintain their political allegiances to America.

Furthermore, it’s certainly true that the US fears democracy in the Middle East, because American interests pretty much fear democracy anywhere on earth.

Right now, tremendous wealth and power is allowed to concentrate into the hands of a few people who sit atop the system. This would never be permitted to persist if the voice of humankind were truly heeded, hence America’s policy of supporting dictators and quashing democracy.

Fortunately for the rest of us, the days of oligarchy are drawing to an end. Humankind has been gaining new tools and forms of empowerment, and we’re set to usher in a new age of equality and prosperity for everyone on earth.

Try as they may, earth’s elites will falter when the human race awakens and embarks on an entirely new era.

Bahrain Cracks Down on Doctors

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Bahrain’s government is brutal. First, they made it illegal to protest. Then, they made it a crime to be injured by security forces. Now, they’ve been arresting medical staff for healing civilians hurt during demonstrations.

Preventing doctors from treating patients? What an atrocious injustice… almost as egregious as the underwhelming silence from the world’s governments.

Where’s the UN Intervention? Where’s the outpouring of support from Obama? Why is Libya treated differently from Bahrain?

The answer, of course, is that Bahrain resides under Saudi Arabia’s protective wing while maintaining strong ties to the United States.

For as long as they hold their political allegiances, it seems Bahrain’s crimes against humanity will go unnoticed by the powers that be. Such blatant hypocrisy!

The only solution, then, is for the rest of us – those amongst us who believe an injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere –  to make enough noise, so that our governments have no choice but to listen.