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Obstructing the Occupation

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

The modern day bastions of democracy – sprawling tent cities which have sprung up in nearly every major city in North America – are under threat from the establishment. Several of them, like those in Oakland, Denver and London, have all seen their property demolished and/or seized. Others, like Vancouver, are desperately fighting court orders for their removal.

Yet one wonders, do the front lines of the  #occupy movement really deserve such scorn?

Sure, for those people whose understanding of this movement comes from what little information trickles through the mainstream media (or the MSM as the kids are calling it) it can be easy to dismiss the encampments as major nuisances deserving the boot.

Unfortunately, with such contentious issues on the line, the potential for violent clashes runs high. Plus it’s just all around bad publicity when politicians crush free speech and squash the right to protest.

But whether or not to evict is really beside the point. The powers that be can clear out the protesters all they want – this uprising isn’t going anywhere. Any demonstrators forcefully removed will come back, in greater numbers, even more mobilized and determined than ever before.

What we see right now on the streets is just the initial call to action. These young, engaged activists from everywhere around the world are simply lighting the beacon. Over the coming years, as the world’s inherent injustices become further exposed by our newfound interconnectedness, more and more of us will be awakening to answer the very same call.

Vancouver Riots Give Mobs a Bad Name

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

By now you’ve heard about the disgusting display of humanity known as Vancouver’s post-Stanley Cup riots.

While unjustified damage to random property is bad, what’s worse is these drunken hooligans have tarnished the reputation of people amassing in large numbers. Now, whenever massive groups of dissenters congregate in the same area, police and authorities will anticipate violence and preemptively crack down with force.

At least in the Arab World the uprisings are part of a greater struggle for democracy, but the Vancouver riots had no higher purpose. It was just boozed-up buffoonery run amok, and it just made it that much harder to demonstrate against just causes in Vancouver.

Marijuana Rally – May 1 2010

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

This Saturday, May 1 2010, will be the Global Marijuana March, held in every major city around the world.

We march to protest the prohibition of Marijuana.  On Saturday, we will speak out to free the weed.  This blight on humankind – drug prohibition – has got to stop.

Even if you don’t smoke pot, you can still come out and let your voice be heard. These marches are often a big party and lots of fun so come out and support the wondrous plant known as Marijuana.

Here’s a clip from Vancouver 2008 pot rally: