War Was Soooo Last Millennium

A recent NYT/CBS survey echos what other polling data has indicated: most Americans – like most people on earth – are sick and tired of war. Fortunately, we’ve never been closer to ending military expenditures than we are today.

The advent of instant social innovations, like Twitter and Facebook, are enhancing humankind’s hivemind and helping boost our self-awareness as a species. With a clearer lens into what is happening on earth, we gain access to new insights about our fellow humans.

For one, we’ll see how the vast majority of us – no matter where we come from – can co-exist non-violently with pretty much anyone else on earth. Knowing that the rest of the world shares our same desire and ability for peace will be integral to reducing politically organized violence. The more we collectively embrace the belief that war will end, the more we will actively seek to make peace happen.

As the peace movement grows, so too will awareness of the Military Industrial Complex. An interconnected world will expose war for what it really is: a business. More people will awaken to see that most of earths major wars are fabricated. Were it not for business entities entertaining shareholder interests, most of today’s large scale armed conflicts wouldn’t even exist.

Don’t believe me? Try taking the ‘profit’ out of war-profiteering. Imagine if the world’s biggest defense contractors were held financially accountable for the lives extinguished by their products… their passion for spilling blood would soon evaporate. All the cries of liberty, freedom, democracy, security, God or country would never lead to the scale of today’s wars if there weren’t big money to be made.

Yet since these huge financial incentives remain to drive it forward, we cannot simply wait for the war machine to shut itself down. The people whose very livelihood depends on armed conflict – not just the billionaires at the top, but the millions of regular people entrenched in the defense industry – all have a vested interest in keeping wars brewing around the world.

So why wait for anyone from the ‘defense’ industry to tell us when we can expect peace?

War will be over as soon as we – the world’s people – say it is over.

The onus for peace sits with anyone who wants to see an end to war – the world’s peacewarriors – to systematically dismantle military industrial complex. A challenging task, perhaps, but one for which we’ve never been better equipped to make possible.

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  1. keep at it man, your nearly there , thanks for the read!


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