US Congress Takes a Bite Out of Big Brother

(Paul/Kucinich 2012! Party politics be damned.)

United States congresspeople voted today not to extend certain parts of the Patriot Act. Great news!

The Patriot Act, if you didn’t know, was the US’s irrational response to 9/11, giving government agencies unprecedented authorization to invade citizens’ privacy without a warrant.

Perhaps today’s decision not to renew is a sign that some rational thought has returned to the US political spectrum. If that’s the case, it may reflect a minor change in the American social consciousness. Could it be… have the US people grown a bit wiser?

However, don’t think the US government is going to stop wiretapping, snooping into the lives of the public, or otherwise annihilating American civil liberties. No, these violations will still occur. It’s just now the government won’t have as much license to do it.

Nevertheless, it’s great to see elected officials take a step away from totalitarianism. We need to keep this up.  Just as big brother tries to sneak in bit by bit, so too do we need to stay vigilant when ensuring our freedom.

Power to the people.

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