Loss of Life in Libya

In the above video we see regular humans, armed only with rocks and an unbreakable will, face down uniformed combatants bearing fully-automatic weapons. This is just one of the hundreds of shocking videos which have leaked out of Libya.

The gunmen from the video, who were recorded executing Libyan dissenters at close range, were foreign mercenaries. Unable to cope with being rejected by his nation, Gaddafi has been paying out big money to anyone willing to slaughter unarmed civilians.

But not all of Gaddafi’s forces knew what they were signing up for. Some are simply peasants from neighboring countries, tricked into believing a job opportunity awaited. Then, upon arriving in Tripoli, they were armed and told to shoot Libyan protesters or be shot themselves.

These tragedies highlight just how imperative it is for the rest of us to remain vigilant against tyranny. Power corrupts. Given enough time, even the most benevolent and kindhearted ruler can grow to become a dictator, willing to do the unthinkable to maintain their grip on power.

We need more democracy and transparency in our political and economic systems. We need ways to hold accountable those we entrust with power over society. If we don’t keep fighting for our freedoms, we might end up like the Libyans – facing the death penalty just for speaking out against injustice.

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