War on Terror is Giant Cash Cow for Defense Industry

Journalist Pepe Escobar put up a scathing opinion piece on Al J that parallels a notion oft parroted here, namely, that the War on Terror exists less to kill bad guys and more to line the pockets of certain higher-ups from the Defense Industry and elsewhere.

First, Escobar looks the the numbers:

A recent, detailed study by the Eisenhower Research Project at Brown University revealed that the war on terror has cost the US economy, so far, from $3.7 trillion (the most conservative estimate) to $4.4 trillion (the moderate estimate). Then there are interest payments on these costs – another $1 trillion.

That makes the total cost of the war on terror to be, at least, a staggering $5.4 trillion. And that does not include, as the report mentions, “additional macroeconomic consequences of war spending”, or a promised (and undelivered) $5.3 billion reconstruction aid for Afghanistan.

Then he asks “Who’s profiting from this bonanza?” and offers the following reply:

That’s easy – US military contractors and a global banking/financial elite. The notion that the US government would spend $10 billion a month just to chase a few “al-Qaeda types” in the Hindu Kush is nonsense.

Finally the author analyzes the end goals for these trillions of dollars: expanding America’s network of military bases and securing the territory for a vast $10 Billion oil pipeline that crosses Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan (TAP). Escobar:

It’s mind-boggling that 10 years and $5.4 trillion dollars later, the situation is exactly the same. Washington still badly wants “its” pipeline – which will in fact be a winning game mostly for commodity traders, global finance majors and Western energy giants.

From the standpoint of these elites, the ideal endgame scenario is global Robocop NATO – helped by hundreds of thousands of mercenaries – “protecting” TAP  while taking a 24/7 peek on what’s going on in neighbours Russia and China.

Excellent message from Mr. Escobar! Now, if only there was a way to shorten it down and get Lady Gaga to sing it.

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