Kucinich: War Gives Taxpayer Dollars to Profiteers


Dennis Kucinich took the floor this week, once again saying something we don’t hear enough of in the political realm. Namely, that wars transfer billions of dollars from taxpayers into the coffers of the cronies from the Military Industrial Complex.

We don’t need more war in our world.

Remote controlled planes dropping bombs on people in Yemen, Somalia and Libya are not making the world safer. The 10 year excursion in Afghanistan did not bring stability or democracy to the region.

It is time to stand up and speak out against war. Enough is enough. There is a better way forward.

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One Response to “Kucinich: War Gives Taxpayer Dollars to Profiteers”

  1. Lawrence says:

    We cannot agree enough. Our tiny “I Declare World Peace” project is designed to help spread peace consciousness. But it will take a major shift in the consciousness of politicians and so-called “leaders” to put safety and well-being ahead of the profits of their cronies. But we all do what we can. The irony is that we believe that peace will generate far more profits for far more people than war ever can.


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