How the .01% rule us and what can be done about it

70,000 ultra-high net worth individuals – the richest 1% of the richest 1% – control the media, government and big business. This gives them tremendous influence over the lives of every single human.

The only way regular people have a chance is through unity. The more communities come together, the stronger they become. Thanks to the Internet and social media, humans everywhere can embrace solidarity like never before.

Evidence of this can be seen in the uprisings taking place all over the world. The Occupy movement, the protests across Europe, the Arab Spring – in every single case, it’s regular people simply wanting a more just civilization.

These localized movements are culminating in something greater, something global. Recognizing a common struggle, people everywhere are coming together as a world community, and by doing so, will eventually form a group with enough power to rival that wielded by the wealthiest 70,000.

Wealth will be redistributed more equally. Wars will no longer be tolerated. Humankind will be set free to limitless potential.

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