Reasons to be Upset

If you aren’t outraged at the current state of the world today, it’s probably because you aren’t paying attention.

Check out this graph, showing how everybody has been losing wealth, except the extremely rich who’ve been making record earnings.

If everyone were growing richer, there wouldn’t be such an outpouring of discontent. But that is clearly not what’s been happening. Instead, the 1% have been gaining their wealth by systematically stripping it off everyone else.

There’s a whole host of infographics supporting this notion, in case you need to see more. But, simply put, mega-banks, corporations and CEOs are looting the public coffers with the help of their hired politicians and lawmakers. This is what has been allowing the world’s wealthiest to run away with all the chips.

But that’s not all, we have a trillion dollar military industrial complex, harvesting wars to secure corporate interests and rob entire populations of desperately needed infrastructure, all the while murdering millions of innocent lives.

As well, nearly a fifth of the human race is starving to death. Humankind already has the means to alleviate much of this suffering, but the powers that be seem more concerned with cementing their positions rather than improving the world in which we live.

Such pressing issues are not just going to simply go away. And neither is the discontent they provoke. In fact, these are the very woes which are fueling the great social awakening.

We’ve been discussing the problems, and we’ve discovered practical solutions. Now, finally, we are coming together to really do something about it.

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