Freedom Waves to Hit Gaza Beach

Within a day or so, two activist-laden boats should reach Palestinian land via international waters. Either that, or they will be intercepted by teams of highly trained men and women clad in armor carrying the latest in fully automatic weaponry.

Should the latter be the case, let’s hope none of the demonstrators experience any bullet-induced trepanation, like what happened during a similar event last May.

The protesters – stemming from North America and Europe –  are part of a global movement aimed at exposing Israel’s “cruel and criminal blockade” of the Palestinian people. Traveling under the banner ‘Freedom Waves’, many more flotillas are planning to sporadically sail towards Gazan soil “until the blockade of Gaza is lifted“.

With the Israeli government uprooting and destroying generations-old communities while Palestinians face conditions of Apartheid which may be worse than that of South Africa, it is no small wonder that people from all around the world are taking dramatic steps to call attention to these issues.

Press on, fellow freedom fighters! A more just civilization awaits!

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