Iceland: Beating the Drums of Freedom Once Again

The plucky little island in the North Atlantic ocean – Iceland – is once again showing the rest of the world how an engaged and empowered population should behave.

You might recall how, earlier this year, Icelanders stuck it to the mega-banks and drafted a new people-first constitution. Or how, as of last week, they became the first European nation to acknowledge the State of Palestine.

So what are these champions of freedom up to now? Well, they’ve arrested the ex-CEO of one of their failed banks, along with a top trader and broker.

Finally, some heads might figuratively roll for the over $80 Billion debt left behind from the collapse of Iceland’s three biggest commercial banks. What a refreshing change of pace from what we see in America, where banks directly hire police to suppress the well-earned scorn of the public.

Take note, people of the world. When we work together, we can take on these giant institutions. Be the change we need, and get involved in the movement towards a brighter future.

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One Response to “Iceland: Beating the Drums of Freedom Once Again”

  1. Sam says:

    I like this article its great news to hear some justice being done! More countries should follow the example of Iceland. Good work and excellent site 🙂


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