Without Peace Nothing is Possible

By Guest Contributor Santosh Bidari

Nothing is possible without peace. Had not people thought revolt is the ultimate means of avoiding injustice, tyranny and suppression, they’d never have created the slogan “Understanding in Brain, Honesty in Heart & Responsibility on Shoulder” which is why human rights should be protected by rule of law.

The Year 1995 is remarkable for the starting of Maoists revolution, yet many children born in 1995 still have not experienced peace. However, the youths are a very important power of the development of a nation, yet their roles have been limited to speech and slogan. They have been used as a device for personal interest. Such a tradition of using youth as device should be eradicated. In the present context, they should be given key responsibility of developing the nation. Rather than putting nation destroying weapons in their hands.

Every organization is born with great dream. That it fails and distorts the ground has been a tradition in Nepal. However, in spite of that fact, we will be responsible and dedicated to the country and people as long as the voice of a child, helpless and the poor, remain unheard. We can’t believe that peace can be established if people are afraid in returning: a child from school, a worker from factory, a teacher from school & others.

We conceive wisdom as one of the source of peace. To help of people in pain and decide what is right and what is wrong is wisdom. In the light of wisdom and peace are interrelated, the motto of this is to enable people think properly.


Mr. Santosh Bidari is the Founder and Director of Nepal’s Peace for People non-profit organization. The mission of the ‘Peace for People’ Program is to involve at least one person from each family for peace establishment and human rights protection.

‘We want to influence people psychologically with an aim of making people aware of their role towards peace and human rights. We will attempt to establish peace and human rights education from primary level. From our side we will leave no stone untouched. We will forward a campaign of making aware one member from each family on the issue of peace and human right. Furthermore, it will take a form of non- formal education for those who are out of school and education.’ – Peace for People

The Peace for People project can be contacted many ways:

Email: admin@pfpnepal.org.np

YouTube: www.YouTube.com/livepeacenepal

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Peace-for-People/138025139603365

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