Israeli Leaders Say No to Peace

No peace for 10 years! This is a belief held by key members of Israel’s government.

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, in a conference on Sunday, revealed that he does not believe a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians will be agreed upon within the next decade.

Wow, what a terrible attitude. Way to not inspire your people with optimism and hope.

Do most of the people of Israel really expect another decade of war, or is the Foreign Minister’s opinion more a reflection of Israel’s dominant military industrial complex? As someone who believes peace is just around the corner, I’d like to attribute Israel’s institutionalized pessimism as a symptom of the war machine run amok.

As a tiny country surrounded by threats, you’d think Israel would want to avoid escalating conflict at all costs, but this isn’t the case.

For Israel, peace would actually interfere with their clandestine agenda of border expansion. Over the past 60 years, Israel has systematically usurped neighboring territories, so much so that a map of Palestine today looks like a lung overtaken by cancer.

To continue settling foreign land, Israel needs to hide their atrocities under the fog of war. If there were to be a ceasefire, there wouldn’t be enough carnage and chaos to mask their crimes from the rest of the world.

Fortunately for the Palestinian people, and despite the juggernaut Israeli PR machine, the International community is waking up to see what is really going on in the middle east.

Israel will likely find peace within the next 10 years, even if it has to be forced upon them by a world’s people united against the injustice.

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