Ten Tips for Revolutionaries

The Occupy movement is sailing over uncharted waters, mostly figuring out where to go with each new step. Helping guide us and inspire us, social futurist Sara Robinson offers 10 excellent tips to spark change:

  1. The world is different now. The rules have changed, and methods like petitions and mass demonstrations are proving themselves invaluable tools for reform.
  2. Despair is a waste of time and energy. It’s time to get off our butts and get back to work, because life is short and there’s a whole planet out there that needs to be fixed on our watch.
  3. Try everything. We don’t know what will work yet, so give it a shot. The sooner we get going, the sooner we’ll figure this thing out.
  4. Trust the vision. Chase down the dream of a better planet, no matter what any of the haters say.
  5. Focus on our goals, not on our enemies. It’s okay to point out villains, but if we stop to throw a rock at every dog that barks, we’ll never get to where we need to be.
  6. Expect resistance. The broken system we are trying to fix makes some people rich and powerful, and they won’t want us to change it. Too bad for them, though.
  7. Find and nurture innovators. Genius comes in all ages, genders and colors. Seek out these folks and put their amazing brains to work.
  8. Expect iterations, not perfection. It might take a while, sometimes a long while, to knock the rough edges off something to the point until that it becomes an unqualified Good Thing.
  9. Celebrate every win, no matter how small.  Relishing the victories gives us fuel to carry on.
  10. Replicate success. Smart people borrow ideas, geniuses steal them. If someone else has figured out what works, take what they did and make it your own.

Great stuff. Onward, freedom fighters!!!

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