Flipping the Script

The world is improving faster than ever before, speeding us all towards a brighter future. Yet, for us to go from here to there, enough of us will have to abandon certain perspectives and internalize new ones. That being said, here’s 3 key scripts that need to be flipped:

The belief that wars accomplish anything.

Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, have all failed to meet their objectives. Ill put some supporting links in the description, but, in  each war the civilian population has been decimated, yet they have no more security or democracy to show for it. Plus all of their natural resources – if they weren’t already controlled by foreign corporations, they are now.

And we aren’t any safer back home either. Destabilizing entire regions just exasperates the threat of violent extremism.

Apart from furthering corporate imperialism, the only tangible result for all the untold suffering inflicted is that trillions of dollars have shifted from taxpayers pockets to the blood soaked hands of the military industrial profiteers. So flip the pro-war script, because peace will not be found through violence.

That there’s anyone left for us to fight.

Sure, there are violent radicals and oppressive tyrants, but these threats are well entrenched within societies and impractical to target with armies and bombs. Instead, if we focus on strengthening communities locally, we can fight extremism from within. Just like if we reinforce communities globally, we can counterbalance the forces that perpetuate an unjust world.

The onus is on the rest of us – the over 99% who can co-exist without mass murdering each other – to find ways to the better get along, because the more we do the more we can protect ourselves from anyone seeking to hurt our extended family. When it comes to nations, cultures, and other superficial dividers, flip the script on hate and fear and think about yourself as part of a global village.

Believing the first two paradigm shifts will be too hard.

Ending wars and getting along as a global species is not impossible. Sometimes all it takes is for an entire thought process to be refined into the right meme so that can be spoon fed to the masses, sending it viral.

I’m not saying I know specifically how to do that, but consider the notion 99% vs 1%. That underlying concept of inequality has been around thousands of years, but here it is encapsulated into a wonderfully digestible set of words, propelling it into the mainstream to make a lasting impact on the narrative.

If we can do that with other key progressive concepts, it could trigger remarkable changes almost overnight. I talk about world peace by 2020, and 2020 may seem awfully close, but at the rate at which ideas can now spread, amazing things can happen by then.

Flip the script on your doubts, because the sooner enough of us do, the sooner our species can shed our vestiges of violence and transition into this awesome world of peace and cooperation that awaits us.

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