George W. Bush: Worse than a cold beer shower

Former President George ‘The Decider’ Bush Jr. got a lot of flak during his terms in office, mostly for being a gaffe-prone bonehead who focused on starting wars and furthering the corporatist agenda.

But just how abrasive was Dubya in person? Well, apparently his touch is far worse than a tray of beer being spilled down your back, at least according to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Don’t believe me? Just watch the two videos above.

The first comes from a 2006 G8 summit, where Bush displays his prowess with the ladies by offering Merkel an impromptu back massage. The Chancellor’s response was priceless, throwing both arms in the air, obviously freaked out by the Creeper-in-Chief.

Now check out the second clip, showing the German Head of State socializing at an Ash Wednesday meeting. The event was proceeding along swimmingly until an inadvertent bump sent a tray full of drinks right down Merkel’s back. Her reaction? After the initial shock she brushed it off with a flip of her hair.

Now, this is far from scientific proof. Yet, based solely on this anecdotal video evidence, women would rather be doused in chilled beverages than be pawed by George W. Bush. Either that, or being groped by Bush is so traumatic that anything else becomes trivial.

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