Why Occupy?

The Occupy movement – part of the great global awakening – has forever reshaped the political landscape, with the biggest impacts yet to be realized.

Now, supposing you are still standing on the sidelines of this momentous revolution, please consider Professor Jim Fetzer and Educator Carl Herman’s recent podcast which offers compelling reasons why you too should hop on the protest bandwagon. (More of Carl Herman’s insights can be found here.)

If you don’t have two hours to spare, here’s a few key points to ponder as to why it is so very imperative that you too should get involved in making democracy happen:

  • The 1% “leadership” in politics, banking, and corporate media commit crimes centering in war and money, and then lie about them.
  • These crimes annually kill millions, harm billions, and loot trillions of the 99%’s dollars. The appropriate response is arrest of those committing the most egregious crimes a nation can commit.
  • The incarceration of the war-murdering, looting, and lying criminals opens unprecedented opportunity for policies to uplift all Earth’s inhabitants.

So, in summation, the system we have right now is screwing us, badly. And only through revolution will we be able to fix it. But this won’t happen without millions and millions of people getting involved… people just like you. So seize the day and help create a more just global civilization, while you still can!

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