Occupy Democracy

Former VP Al Gore and online entrepreneur Sean Parker spoke this week at the SXSW conference in a riveting tete-a-tete which left the audience clamoring for more.

“Our democracy has been hacked!” says Gore, comparing the special interests in the political spectrum to malicious users in the cyber-realm.

It is time, Gore believes, to form a “Wiki-democracy” of “digital flash mobs calling out the truth” and “a government square that holds people accountable.” And the best way to do that is to leverage the online realm and social media in ways that will “change the democratic conversation.”

Sean Parker, relating last years’ Arab Spring demonstrations to the SOPA uprisings from a few months ago, called the protest a “Nerd Spring”, saying social media is only its infancy of what it can do to spur action.

How awesome! For years, it seems, I’ve been harping about the imminent uprising humankind will undergo, bolstered by the power of technology and the Internet. And now, finally, these very same ideas are being tossed around the mainstream zeitgeist by prominent speakers. Amazing.

Could it be that my thoughts about the realization of world peace by 2020 might be next to jump into the general social consciousness? We can sure hope so!

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