Tories: Reverse Robin Hoods

Take from the poor, give to the rich. Once again, the Conservative’s true agenda is shining through in the 2012 federal budget.

Science spending is getting slashed. The environment is taking a hit, and social services are being dropped. Pensions are being pilfered (unless your a Member of Parliament). Even our cherished CBC is taking a blow, despite promises to the contrary.

Do you know what’s not getting touched? Questionable multi-billion dollar F-35 purchases, expansion of the prison industrial complex, and fast-tracked pipeline approvals.

Rather than, say, not buying overpriced jets fraught with problems, and instead of increasing taxes on corporations and the wealthy, Harper and his Tories targets the most vulnerable segments of our society to make up for the lost billions.

Furthering economic inequality may serve the Conservative’s corporatist interests, but it doesn’t help most of the people who elected them.  Come next election, jilted Canadians should see Harper given the boot… unless the Cons manage to rig another election.

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