War on Drugs – FAILED!

The war in Iraq was a disaster. The war in Afghanistan is in dire straights. Now, drug prohibition is officially being added to the list of failed wars.

Latin American leaders, in a historic watershed summit, will admit that the war on drugs will never succeed and that alternatives to prohibition must be found, including a more nuanced and rational approach.

Finally! Some common sense coming to the forefront of the great drug debacle.

For far too long proponents of the war on drugs – an extension of the Military Industrial Complex – have been manufacturing their intangible enemy (narcotics), drumming up public support through fear-based propaganda, and then releasing their highly paid hounds (DEAs et. al).

No doubt advocating decriminalization and legalization of all drugs will be met with strong opposition from the United States of Warmerica. They have far too many corporate interests, like pharmaceuticals and private prisons, not to mention the billions spent on law enforcement, to simply give up the battle without a fight.

Hopefully these brave South American leaders will ignore the impending threats from their counterparts to the north to become the beacons our world needs, guiding us out of these dark ages of senseless drug prohibition.

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