Israel is Threat to World Peace – But Don’t Dare Say It!

What must be said“, the short poem by Nobel Laureate Guenter Grass, does something few people in the mainstream Western world ever do: speak critically about the State of Israel.

Israel is a “threat to world peace”, writes Grass, whose poem highlights the hypocrisy of the West for condemning Iran’s search for nuclear power while simultaneously allowing Israel to proliferate it’s own nuclear capabilities.

In response to the relatively tame piece, leading German and Israeli writers have called for a blacklisting of Grass, shunning him from political rallies, claiming he has “lost touch with reality”.

Talk about an overreaction to a few words critical of Israel. But that’s the point, isn’t it.

Fly right off the handle, flip your lid and blow your top. Teach a lesson to everyone else what can happen if you dare to share a viewpoint other than the one that says Israel is exceptional and therefore exempt from the same expectations they demand of other nations.

Otherwise people will start talking. And too much of that could mean Israel’s whole keep-Palestinians-in-an-open-air-prison-while-continually-stealing-their-land scheme might actually have to stop.

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