Harper, Obama Detached from Reality

The war on drugs has failed. Drug prohibition does far more damage to society than illicit substances ever have. Every day, especially in South America, people are being slaughtered by vicious drug gangs who’ve grown powerful off the lucrative drug market.

Decriminalization is the only way out of this quagmire. Just ask Portugal, whose decade long experiment with ending drug prohibition has proven itself a resounding success.

Yet despite these facts, despite the reality staring them right in the face, North America’s leaders fail to own up to the truth. Instead, Barack Obama and Obama Jr (aka Stephen Harper) bury their heads in the piles of cash given to them by big pharma, private prisons, and other entities hell-bent on keeping drugs illegal for the sake of billion dollar profits.

So, during this year’s Summit of the Americas, where South American leaders were all but begging to legalize drugs and finally end their suffering, what did Obama and Harper do? They stuck to their guns, saying legalization is not the answer, patting their southern counterparts on the head.

Near the end of the summit, Harper did concede that “the current approach is not working”. But then, in a complete slap in the face, Harper pledged $25 million for a new security initiative for what else? Beefing up the war on drugs. Not for fighting poverty. Not for strengthening communities. 25 Mil to reinforce an intrinsically flawed methodology.

Man, what a jerk! It is sickening to see Harper and his conservatives sully Canada’s international reputation like this. How much longer will we let ourselves be dragged into big brother America’s imaginary land where doomed policies will finally start working if you just throw enough money at it?

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