US Assassinates Dozens of Somali Citizens

In what the UN calls a violation of international law, American drones have reigned death down upon another 30+ Somali people.

Sadly, this news barely made a blip in our mainstream media. Had foreigners bombed one single American, let alone thirty, the news cycles would have blown up, civil freedoms would be stripped, and security would be tightened across the nation for about 10 years.

But because it happens in one of the poorest countries on earth, it’s as if these lives have no value.

Now, those responsible for the attacks will claim the strikes were justifiable, as the targets were all evil humans hell bent on destroying the entire world. And perhaps some of them were. But the rest, tragically, can be added to the growing list of civilian bystanders slaughtered in America’s feckless ideological war on the world.

War-minded individuals – people convinced that violent actions can somehow benefit the world – have been given free license to murder. As we see in Somalia, just like with Yemen, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, this entrusted power will be used to its full extent, no matter the consequences.

The worst part is that we will never really know what happened. To us, the targets are faceless humans, labelled as threats and dealt with extreme prejudice. Moreover, the long distance assassins remain faceless as well, veiled behind think layers of bureaucracy and secrecy to protect them from any oversight or accountability.

Just the kind of thing that has no place in the world we’re in the process of building.

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