Worth Watching: Wells Fargo Furthers For-Profit Prisons

Here’s a solid video making a nice follow up to yesterday’s post about the prison problems in Canada.

Wells Fargo, the too-big-to-fail entity bailed out by taxpayers only to give CEO’s ridiculous bonuses, is the primary investor in for-profit prisons across America.

New legislation – lobbied for by groups like ALEC –  turns minor, victimless behavior into major offenses with heavy jail sentences, helping to bolster the booming prison industrial complex, making a few people huge cash while hurting society as a whole.

Public inquiry seeking to assess the efficacy of the judicial system is working gets blocked by the same type of pro-prison lobbyist. So much for accountability.

And all the while the US population is too distracted, disinterested and doped up to notice.

It almost seems like things are too far gone for the great USA, but not for Canada. Not yet.

If we can take a stand, make some noise, and come together as a people we still have time to stave off the corrosive influences of corporations and big business to keep the true north strong and free.

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