Who Keeps Pot Illegal?

Alternet writers put up a concise piece highlighting 5 Special Interest Groups That Help Keep Marijuana Illegal, something worth knowing if you didn’t already.

The 5 groups listed are:

  1. Police Unions
  2. Private Prison Corporations
  3. Alcohol and Beer Companies
  4. Pharmaceutical Corporations
  5. Prison Guard Unions

As you can see, the main culprits are those who stand to lose billions should marijuana be legalized and prohibition ended. It’s such a shame – a bloody tragedy really – that we’ve allowed these special interests to impact policy in such a way that forces the injustice known as the war on drugs to continue.

The tides are turning, however. Progressive states like Colorado and liberal provinces like British Columbia have been making tremendous headway in the bid to legalize the weed.

Hopefully we’ll soon free ourselves from the blight of prohibition. Then we can focus on real threats to society, like the ways these special interest groups corrupt our democracy in the first place.

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