Poor Helpless Israel, Here’s Another Billion – U.S.

At a time when most Americans are facing a struggling economy, rampant unemployment and record deficits, the US government somehow allocated a billion dollars to help Israel build an impregnable ‘Iron Dome’.

Despite how detached it may seem, this isn’t private funds. If you pay taxes in the United States, this is your money. Or, rather,  it was.

Now, barring any drastic uproar from the people, this treasure will find it’s way into the hands of some defense contractor, making for yet another subsidy to manufacture and proliferate war.

You’d think more people would be outraged, but giving away cash has somehow become all too commonplace. It’s like the American people’s collective butthole has been gaped so wide they don’t even notice another billion dollar tab being crammed right up there.

Well, no matter. The world’s people are fast waking up. Soon – I’m hoping within the decade – we’ll have awakened so much that we can see most warfare for what it is: contrived by a small handful of people making themselves filthy rich.

After this, we’ll take the money out of war – with class action suits and hefty taxes on arms makers. Then, without the profits, the world’s massive armed conflicts should dry right up.

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One Response to “Poor Helpless Israel, Here’s Another Billion – U.S.”

  1. Amy says:


    I’m confused. You claim to be peaceful, but all the Iron Dome does is stop incoming missiles from landing on people. It doesn’t attack anyone. All it does is stop projectiles from hurting people.

    How is this a problem for you?