More Tall Tales from Tories

Canadian Defense Minister Peter MacKay has been in hot water as of late for falling short by about $10 Billion in his quotes for acquiring what many believe are unnecessary and ill-suited F-35 fighter planes.

And now, in what seems to be a consistent theme from the Harper government, MacKay has been caught in another lie, yet again. This time, the ‘honorable’ Minister knew the bill for Canada’s intervention in Libya would be over $100 Million, yet he publicly stated the costs should be less than $50 Million.

What the hell, MacKay? Aren’t Conservatives supposed to be fiscally responsible? Isn’t it all about the numbers and the bottom line with you guys? But twice (that we know of) Peter MacKay has blatantly misrepresented the facts to the Canadian people.

Plus, when Mackay isn’t lying about the numbers, he just plain omits the truth. Like with the $105-million contract for armoured vehicles which was quietly awarded this week, leading to accusations of hiding details of military spending.

So much for transparency and accountability. Do we really have to wait several years until election time to hold some Conservative feet to the flame?

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