Constable 728: Canada’s Own Pepper Spray Cop

Remember the infamous Pepper Spray Cop? Yeah, that guy whose callous use of toxic chemicals on peaceful UC Davis students earned him a lasting spot in Internet memeology. Well, it seems we Canadians now have our own more feminine version – Constable 728.

Watch as she proves the old adage: give someone a hammer and pretty soon everything looks like a nail. Just like if you give people a badge, powerful weapons, and the loosely sheathed authority to use them, a select few will unleash said powers at a moments notice.

Check out the video. Whatever what happened in the moments before, whether or not the students were warned, there is no evidence that this use of pepper spray was at all warranted. All that is clear is a disgusting abuse of power by an actor of the state.

Unconstitutional? Undemocratic? Certainly unCanadian. No matter how you may feel about the ongoing student protests, this incident cannot go unpunished. Otherwise we will just be opening the door to more of it in the future.

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4 Responses to “Constable 728: Canada’s Own Pepper Spray Cop”

  1. Emma says:

    damn fuckn straight! completely unwarranted. this woman should be ashamed! #solidarity

  2. Barb says:

    Cops shouldn’t have to babysit these spoiled brats. Bring in the military.

  3. Alina says:

    Montreal is out of control.

    The cops allow for illegal protests with protesters wearing masks, breaking of windows, etc
    Other cities in North America would not tolerate this type of behavior. I agree with Barb, bring in the military.

    As for cop 728, I just watched her on youtube: City resident drinking his beer on sidewalk. Cop 728 stops car and asks man to identify himself as this is illegal. The man in question refuses to identify himself. Why?
    If people are in the wrong and refuse to cooperate, they should live with the aftermath. When people are in the wrong, provide their ID … all goes well with the Police.

    Just my .02 cents

    Let the Police do their work, … and when in the wrong, step up people. Admit your wrong doing.
    When confronted for nothing by Police – that is a different matter.

    As for this situation, it is too bad that the man drinking his beer on the street did not own up to his wrong doing.


  4. dwinspear says:

    I’ll have to say that Barb and Alina are the only two people that supported the actions of Ms. Trudeau, the cop. Perhaps, they are supporting this psycopath because they are of the same gender…perhaps, they are watching too much Fox TV. I have to add that the guy who was busted with the beer, was in his own apartment, and he’d gone downstairs to hold the door open for his friends…as far as that stupidity about masked demonstrators and glass breakers, I happened to live here in Montreal and took part in some of the demonstrations, along with thousands of others…and perhaps, that is why we have the lowest fees for universities in North America-we are willing for fight for our rights. I have another clip of the officer 728 strangling a guy in his apartment. And some of her comments after the attack. It’s too bad you don’t understand French. I can see why America is hated all over the world. You’re first response to people exercising their democratic rights is to call in the military.


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