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Homeland Security’s Analysis of Occupy and Anonymous

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Anonymous & Wikileaks have unveiled yet another tasty morsel from the treasure trove of confidential goodies known as the Global Intelligence Files. This one: a Homeland Security analysis of the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations, circa Oct 2011.

The 5 page document details the rise and proliferation of the Occupy uprising, noting how the movement “has drawn inspiration from recent protests in Europe and the Middle East, specifically citing the Egyptian Tahrir Square uprising and recent demonstrations in Spain. ”

More telling is a point made in the summary, (more…)

Take That, System

Monday, February 27th, 2012

Today a great blow was dealt to the establishment, thanks to a strong dose of tech-enable transparency.

As promised, digital activist group Anonymous, with the help of Wikileaks, released over 5 million confidential emails from the intelligence & security company Stratfor. While much of it has yet to be parsed, some amazing tidbits have already surfaced from the handful of emails  released: (more…)

Canadian Gov Seeks to Make Masks Illegal

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

If C-11 and C-30 – the Internet censorship and privacy eroding bills – aren’t enough to convince you that Canada’s Conservatives are threatened by freedom, then perhaps bill C-309 will help change your mind.

In this new draconian legislation, activists caught demonstrating while sporting a mask could face up to 5 years in prison. So much for our Chartered Right to lawful assembly. (more…)

An Uprising is Imminent

Saturday, February 11th, 2012

Something wonderful is happening everywhere on earth. A people’s uprising is taking place, fueled by millions and millions of people who’ve awakened to see that a better future is entirely possible. Once it reaches fruition, this global social revolution will culminate in a redistribution of wealth and power, essentially liberating humanity from the shackles that far too many of us don’t even know exist.

The medium for this reformation is the online realm, which may soon prove to be the missing ingredient for a lasting freedom on earth.

With the threat of an upheaval looming, the stage is set for a huge struggle for dominance between the bulk of humankind seeking to be free and the system and its leaders desperately clinging to power. Our world’s tiny yet powerful minority (along with their cronies) will do everything they can to prevent their house of cards from toppling.

This means crushing internet freedom using a range of attacks, enhancing the already well-entrenched all-seeing surveillance system, and expanding the increasingly militarized police state, the end goal of which is to trap humans into perpetual servitude by eliminating all means of revolution.

But we wont let that happen now will we?

As long as we can keep our precious internet uncensored, we’ll be able to leverage massive populist sentiment into real political clout. Instantly interconnected social media is fostering what is essentially a real democracy, one that hears all voices and not just those at the top. And when the system caters more to everyone, what we get is a more just global civilization.

The whims and wants of a handful of wealthy tyrants will prove no match for tens or hundreds of millions of engaged individuals working towards a shared goal.

We are, on some level, transcending nationalities and cultures, expanding our own personal identities to include ourselves amongst the global village. One beautiful and amazing side effect of this great awakening will be the eradication of wars. Major armed conflicts will all but evaporate once enough of us see them for what it they really are us fighting ourselves.

With each passing day, what is becoming more evident is that the only enemies left for us to fight are the violent extremists seeking to hurt society and the oligarchs seeking to enslave us, both of which our species will be better positioned to confront the more united and empowered we all become.

Cyber-Activists Demonstrate Power of Transparency

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

Sometimes called the “Shadow CIA”, security agency Stratfor is responsible for providing daily intelligence briefings extracted from a global network of informants.

Not long ago, Stratfor’s own security was called into question when Anonymous’ cyber-protesters compromised the security firm, releasing client’s names and credit card details on to the Internet. Another stick in the eye came in the form of $500,000 being donated to a range of charities using the pilfered banking credentials.

Members of the online freedom fighting group claim this private data was so easy to find because Stratfor did not bother encrypting it – an easy-to-avoid blunder which, if true, would be a major embarrassment for any security-related company.

Now, much like a belated X-mas gift, Anonymous is set to share the real gem scored while fiddling about inside Stratfor’s private areas – a cache of 5.5 million sensitive emails sent by confidential sources over the last fifteen years. Analysts predict the treasure trove of leaked data will likely provide a smoking gun for a number of crimes of extraordinary importance.

Who knows… maybe some white collar criminals might even see some repercussions for their unbounded greed. How sweet would that be? If nothing else, this latest round of hacktivism has, once again, struck terror into the hearts of corrupt individuals everywhere.

Institutionalized warfare, a disgustingly skewed distribution of wealth and power, overwhelming corporatist control of government – these monsters can only survive in the dark. Now that we are arming ourselves with ways to shine light upon the secret inner working of the world’s most powerful entities, so many injustices in our world are set to disappear.

Thank you, Anonymous, for helping us create a more just global civilization!

Operation Robin Hood

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

Hacktivist groups Anonymous and TeaMpOisoN have joined forces in a bid to transfer funds from powerful corporations into the pockets of non-profit institutions. PoisAnon, as the cyber-coalition is now known, has already begun operations with breaches into two American banks.

Sure, PoisAnon might seem like a criminal enterprise, and I suppose it is. But banks and corporations have been stealing from the public for decades with little to no accountability. So it only seems fair that the wealth and power these mega-institutions have amassed gets redistributed amongst the bulk of the people.

Of course, the ultimate goal of Operation Robin Hood should be to legitimize a more egalitarian economic model. Instead of being perpetrated by a rag-tag bunch of cyber-protesters, our governments and elected leaders should be the ones mandating a more just system. And one way to make that happen is with the collective noise made by the shouts of millions of angry citizens.

The astute among you will have noted that this is precisely what the Occupy protests are doing right now. While there are potentially years of work left to do, once the people’s uprising comes to fruition, our world’s economic and political systems will have internalized a healthy respect for the wishes of the general population.

And why not redistribute some of the world’s wealth?

Suppose we were to agree upon an upper limit for profits earned by corporations. So, for example, instead of earning $20 Billion in annual profits, oil giant Shell could only earn up to a maximum of $5 Billion, with the rest being distributed democratically according to the will of the people. (Of course, such a plan would have to be enforced globally so that corporations can’t just weasel their way into another jurisdiction.)

If we managed to do this, do you think the whole company would just up and cease working? Probably not, although with less intense pressure to perform, CEO’s might not resort to such egregious and unethical behavior.

It is great to see some of the world’s brightest and technically proficient minds taking on the role of planetary freedom fighter. Edmond Burke once remarked that ‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing,’ and as long as we have brave souls willing to stand up for what is right, the world will never succumb to the forces of tyranny.

Again, The World Comes Together in Protest

Monday, September 19th, 2011

September 17 marked the beginning of Project Occupy Wall St. – the open-ended mass demonstration taking place on New York’s Wall Street, aimed at raising awareness about the rise of corporatism and the looming threat of totalitarianism.

The populist movement has garnered international attention, evident in the hundreds of pizzas which were purchased for the activists by supporters from all around the world.

These outpourings of earth-encompassing solidarity are not unheard of.

During Egypt’s uprising, the world’s vigilantes helped Egyptians circumvent their Internet blackout.  Later on, Egyptian’s payed it forward, sending pizzas to demonstrators taking part in Wisconsin’s massive pro-union rallies.

Touching, I know. It inspires such hope in humankind. Perhaps the only way to evoke even more optimism is to imagine the future. How will these global acts of unified protest look within a few short years?

No doubt, through mass action on a planetary scale, seemingly impossible feats will become entirely doable. Powerhouses like the IMF, WTO, World Bank, and even the mother of them all – the military industrial complex –  can all be corralled, collared and held accountable to a united human race.

World peace and a more just civilization are in our future, and earth’s freedom fighters, like those in NYC, are helping make it happen.

Endgame for Syria’s Brutal Regime

Monday, August 8th, 2011

For many months the Syrian government has been mercilessly slaughtering its own people in a futile bid to quiet them down.

But now it seems the jig is up. The world is finally speaking out against the atrocities.

Three Arab countries recalled their ambassadors to Syria, including Saudi Arabia, whose king also demanded “the stoppage of the killing machine and bloodshed, and the use of reason before it is too late.”

These gulf state withdrawals follow that of Italy, which was the first country in the European Union to recall their Syrian ambassador last week.

Perhaps even more telling is that Syria’s crooked establishment has provoked the ire of cyber-activist group Anonymous, who hacked the Syrian Ministry of Defense website in support of the people’s struggle for greater equality.

When Anonymous is pissed at you, you know you done goofed.

If anything positive comes out of the Syrian revolution (besides government reform) hopefully it will be a message to the rest of the world’s tyrants: killing us won’t shut us up anymore.

We know who has the power now – WE DO!

We’re holding the chips, and if those who are fortunate to be allowed to lead should ever dare to disappoint us, heads might literally roll.

Hey Government… Hands Off Our Internet!

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

Infamous hacking group Lulzsec has just compromised over 50 adult-orientated web pages. This follows the black-hat group’s other high-profile breaches of Sony, Fox and PBS.

Meanwhile, cyber-activist group Anonymous has continued their online protests, disabling government web pages, like those of Spain and Turkey, whose authoritative actions warranted scorn from the loosely connected freedom alliance.

All these cyber-demonstrations highlight the force of an unfettered internet. The balance of power is shifting away from institutions and governments, and into the hands of the masses.

And this is precisely what the oligarchs and dictators fear the most. Feeling their tenuous grip over the population slipping away, they’ll do anything to prevent the new cyber-democracy from developing.

They’ll tell us that we need to crack down on hackers and cyber-activists to protect us. They’ll try to pass broad regulatory bills that give certain government bodies sweeping control over the Internet.

Once they discover that there is no effective way to stop the free flow of information, they might even try to kill the Internet completely.

But we cannot let them succeed. We won’t let them. The Internet is too vital a tool for the creation of a more just civilization. Social media and instant interconnection are giving humankind the power to reclaim control of the planet.

Pretty soon, thanks to the advent of anonymous browsing, decentralized currency, and decentralized networking, the Internet will function beyond the fearful reach of authorities and governments.

Until then, it is up to us to tell our politicians and lawmakers to keep their grubby paws off our beautiful Internet.

Wikileaks Supporters Take Down Large Finance Webpages

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Last week, Wikileaks released over a quarter million classified US documents, with much initial fallout. Now, it seems, the drama continues.

Groups of internet activists are taking part in virtual protests, disabling the webpages of several large businesses, including Visa, Mastercard and PostFinance.  In what has been dubbed “Operation Payback”, thousands of individuals are digitally voicing their discontent to any company that ended support for Wikileaks.

Some have expressed fears that these latest efforts against financial institutions – which can result in million dollar losses – will give governments and regulators further license to crack down on Internet freedoms.

Of course these concerns are ludicrous. To not speak out against injustice would just enable further oppression. Whenever we see something wrong and don’t take action, our silence is consent.

Plus, governments and regulators have been trying to kill Internet freedom for years.

So keep up your support for Wikileaks. Give the establishment a taste of the world technology is unlocking for us. Let today’s giants see their influence dwarfed next to the power which arises when humans unite behind shared goals on a global scale. Show them who will be in charge in the years to come.

While the transition to a more united world is a gradual process that can take years, today’s events highlight how the great awakening has already begun. These really are pivotal moments we are seeing!